how harry potter are you?

There are very few people that know as much about harry potter then the women who wrote the books.I've written her a letter before and she doesn't look like the kind of person who would be interested in harry potter but she created him.

Do you think you know as much about harry potter as j. k. rowling then maybe you should look her number up calll her and challenge her to a harry potter quiz.

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  1. Who turned lupin into a werewolf?
  2. What is voldemort's real name?
  3. Was harry a horcrux?(did he have a part of voldemort's soul in him)
  4. Who pulled harry out of the pond when harry was getting the sword of gryffindor?
  5. Does harry kill voldemort...or voldemort kill harry?
  6. Who becomes harry's girlfriend?
  7. Who becomes ron's girlfriend?
  8. What is harry potter?
  9. Do the people swear on the river styks in percy jackson and the olympians or harry potter?
  10. Do ron and hermione kiss in the last book?

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