R u a Princess/Prince/Queen/King

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So have u ever wondered r u Royal and if u r which Royal r u find out with my quiz of a mystical wonderland of fairy tales where magic is real share this quiz with friends

Where reality is sad and u want something new try this quiz that's just for u and remember u can be anything u want to be and when given the choice between being right and being kind choose kind- wonder

Created by: It,z just TayTay

  1. What's ur favorite thing to do
  2. What do you do during summer
  3. True or false:Cinderella could go to the ball without doing chores
  4. True or false :Eric met Ariel later in the movie
  5. Princesses wear dresses True or false
  6. Do boys wear suits
  7. Royals have maids yes or no
  8. Is there a game on roblox called Royal high
  9. Do u like gum
  10. Do u like soda

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