Quiz about places

Do you know much geography? See if you can do well on this quiz. Don't cheat and look at a map. It's mostly about where certain countries are. So there isn't much about where the capitals are.

Take the quiz. If you got a low score, study geography more. Look at the map. Can you find the places that were on the quiz? Research the countries. Find interesting facts

Created by: takethispoll

  1. Which of these is not a state in the US?
  2. Where is Albania?
  3. Is Cape Verde a country?
  4. Is Guam a country?
  5. Which of these countries border China?
  6. Where is Martinique?
  7. Which of these is a city in Lithuania?
  8. Where is the Laccadive Sea?
  9. Where is the city Athens?
  10. Where is Benin?
  11. Where is the state Wisconsin?
  12. Where is Hungary?
  13. Where is the Caspian Sea?
  14. Where is Oman?
  15. Where is the city Salem in the US?
  16. Where is the city Tallinn?
  17. Which of these countries does not border India?
  18. Where is Kosovo?

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