Quiz #111 (and counting)

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It's my 111th quiz on GTQ! I think that it's worth celebrating, even more then celebrating my GTQ birthday! Now, why do I party so hard on my 111th quiz?

Because all three of the numbers in the triple didget number are the same! And also one-hundred an eleven, that's a lot of quizzes a well. Enjoy! Don`t take them all at once! ;)

Created by: 070085915

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  1. It's my 111th quiz on GTQ, wht do you have to say about that?
  2. The higher the number the higher the points. (Click or tap on the highest number)
  3. Have you taken any of my quizzes before?
  4. -_- Racist or not
  5. What comes after 5?
  6. Doe's the word "bed" look kind of like a real bed? Or is that just me?
  7. Question 9 chose a number
  8. After this I will have two more questions left I will waste them, like this question.
  9. Comment?
  10. Rate?

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