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This is a fun quiz devised to test an individual's knowledge about Gothic/Post Punk and Deathrock vinyl History. I hope regardless of what you score that you enjoy taking the quiz.

How much do you really know about Gothic/Post Punk and Deathrock vinyl History? Please feel free to test your knowledge with this simple quiz which I hope you enjoy taking this quiz/

Created by: Parmenion
  1. Which band's debut single was titled "Shaving My Neck"?
  2. How many studio albums did Bauhaus release in the 1980's?
  3. What was the title of Killing Joke's first single?
  4. How many Christian Death studio vinyl releases did Rozz Williams appear on during the 1980's?
  5. Which band released the single "Good Technology"?
  6. Which band's first single was backed by "Watch" and "Home Of The Hitmen"?
  7. Which band released a cover version of "School's Out"?
  8. Which band's first single originally came in a cover which was a parody of a tabloid newspaper?
  9. Which band released a single which had specifically had a reference to a famous British "Goon" in it's title?
  10. Which band released the single "Rebecca;s Room"
  11. Tony James collaborated on vinyl with which one of the following bands in the 1980's?
  12. Which band released an album entitled "Close One Sad Eye"?
  13. Which band released a cover of "Silver Machine"?
  14. Which band's first release was a cover of a Joy Division song?
  15. Which band's first single was backed by a track entitled "Peter And The Pets"?
  16. Which Band's first album was inspired by Black Sabbath and David Bowie amongst others?
  17. Which band's first single was inspired by racism at a Chinese Restaurant?
  18. Which band released a 12 inch single which featured a cover version of a classic Ben E King song?
  19. Which band covered a version of "Sister Ray" which was subsequently released on vinyl as an official release?
  20. Which band issued "Sex Beat" as a single?

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