question and answer 2

This is a quiz basically testing your basic maths knowledge. Multiple choice test. Carry on this quiz on question and answer 4. No cheating please, that's the rules.

How to play: Easy Peasy, it's like an exam. Read the question and answers and tap your chosen answer. Try and get 100% Good luck to you and enjoy!

Created by: Thanim Ahmed
  1. First of all to test you, 1+1=?
  2. These questions will be getting harder. 7x6 plz
  3. 13x15
  4. 99 over 297 in its simplest form
  5. X^+2-10=? I am only kidding. By the way, the answer to that is zero. I know that because I am a genius. Questions is: 1200 divide 6
  6. 3+3x3-3*3=?. x is multiply. * is divide.
  7. Five million, two hundred and sixty seven thousand, eight hundred and forty two.
  8. 6273472738
  9. How many metres in a kilometre?
  10. Last question is going to be a problem solver. A TV programme starts at 8:30. The programme lasts for 45 minutes. When did it finish?

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