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  • What's Depression?
    [published: Dec 25, 2020, 5 comments]

    This is a quiz about depression. How much do you know about depression? If any of the answers are wrongly…

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    ""You hear that, Buckley? You have great taste," Sirlio enthused. "Your owner's giving you a compliment." Sirlio smiled at Buckley. "Your rew..."
  • Voices In My Head
    "Trustbane is definitely my favorite account, this is the middle, Deathscore is my least favorite. Probably going to give Deathscore away"
  • Voices In My Head
    "That means nothing to me, I would leave it all behind"
  • Voices In My Head
    "What would I do without AutoFill?"
  • Voices In My Head
    "I'm delusional"
  • Our GTQ Fam
    "I just realized, I could comment on my alt's quiz on my main. Don’t know if that counts yet, though."
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  • 1x1
    ""It's okay." Avron grinned like he was about to make a snide comment. Actually, he looked like he was trying not to laugh. "Enjoy yourself,"..."
  • White Lie
    "(Off drinking tea or something.) Weddell had actually never thought about this. "Well, if you can read, shouldn’t you be able t"
  • Guess the voice
    "Wow, you had to borrow my alt I just made today. I know who Wee Lad is, but I wouldn’t dare say. However, I could give hints i"
  • 1x1
    ""Honey, what's wrong?" Avron's mother asked. "Nothing. I'm full now," Avron said and started putting his plate in the dishwasher. Then he we..."
  • White Lie
    "Weddell was silent for a moment. "So they taught reading and math... what about writing?" Weddell had been taught so many things about Priso..."
  • White Lie
    ""Huh." Weddell was surprised that Sophia only knew so much. He thought that Prisonborns would at least be slightly educated."
  • White Lie
    ""Really?" Prisonborns were treated much worse than Weddell had initially thought them to be. "Well, we've got colors here, and most of them ..."
  • White Lie
    "Weddell frowned. "It’s not as cold as metal, and it’s just generally more stable...""

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