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  • Id Rather Sleep
    "Oh wow, that's really interesting! I'll definitely have to look it up sometime"
  • Id Rather Sleep
    "Genuine question"
  • Id Rather Sleep
    "What falls under weirdcore? /genq"
  • "I'm pretty sure one of my first interactions with NitroTails12 (basically really soon after I first joined) was me confessing that I had a c..."
  • Positivity
    "As someone who lived in one state most of my life and abruptly moved across the country in the middle of my high school years, I empathize w..."
  • "Just wanted to let you know there was another post at the bottom of the previous page in case you missed it You aren't weak no"
  • "I'm not in a place to offer much support, but I wanted to reassure you that your feelings are valid. You're going through a really tough sit..."
  • Positivity
    "I am so excited to see a redraw!! I love that piece sooo much as it is now— can't wait to see a comparison 🥺"
  • No Subject
    "One of the first times that you posted highly offensive comments, you played it off as "I wasn't aware it would offend anyone, I didn't mean..."
  • DNI
    "If your username is here, please refrain from interacting with me. I will do my best to reciprocate. KarlJac0bs RavagerT"
  • I'm officially back!
    "I don't know if this helps at all, but I noticed that cold death has been spelling some Korean words wrong. Thought that was interesting"
  • California.
    "I lived in CA for most of my life until we moved. There is a real water crisis. The problem is that the state's government was"
  • Super important question
  • "Why did you get the mail from the mail today and mail mail to mail"

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