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  • Good Luck Mode
    "why can't I find any pfp worthy images of Kotetsu 😭"
  • Good Luck Mode
    "hope everyone has a lovely day today!"
  • Jill :D
    "Name: Raspeye Gender: Male Rank: Deputy Appearance: https://toy"
  • Chameleon Coast
  • "Sorry for the bump, but all of these signs are exactly what a toxic person is like. Cutting her out of your life will be the best decision y..."
  • 24h Thread
    "🥺 this thread finally hit page 100"
  • emy's thread
    "This is late, but I've found that I'm a different size depending on shoe brands. I'm usually a size 2-3 in kids, but for some adult shoes, I..."
  • Guess the voice
    "I don't have any guesses, save for home of phobia being Mei/Acrimony + ColdRain11 being Cats or Eclipse (I can't remember who uses "Scratch"..."
  • Guess the voice
    "So I did know! I guessed it was you by your second recording, but I didn't want to spoil the fun for others 😭"
  • Guess the voice
  • Guess the voice
    "home of phobia: Velocity: "
  • Guess the voice
    "That's honestly who I thought it was from the first clip Velocity posted, but no, not her"
  • "👍"
  • Guess the voice
    "Vex, there are more users than the people you normally talk to. Double check all of the semi-active users that have official threads, lol."
  • Dragon's Lair
    "3 seems more fitting for someone who is supposed to be a little crazy, I think"

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