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  • Alt Account Tracker.
  • the good things thread
    "yes we are"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "uwu cute UWU"
    "i have messaged you mother"
    "mother if you are on quotev then we shall discuss our evil plots on there"
    "aneyway im gonna go on quotev"
    "i meant eat not rat but don't eat the spaghetti put a rat in it"
    "rat her spaghetti"
    "kick her to very end of the galaxy"
    "kick her to the gosh darn sun"
  • "had to try again cause we didn't have enough people i think so i copied and pasted it* What the roleplay is about"
  • Das saD
    "o yeah it is so good"
    "annihilate reyna nobody bullies best dog"
  • ok so what if
    "no rules, it can be up to page 3 ok me start: do you like how i dance? ive got zirconium pants"
  • Spice Rack 2

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