Which mha boy is your soulmate?

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So here you will take this quiz to see which mha hero would be your boyfriend. You do NOT have to be a specific gender to take this quiz :)(i looooooooooooooovvvvvvee cheese)

I hope you enjoy this quiz its my first time and i may make more depending how this one goes!(I hope you guys have a fantastic day night and or evening)

Created by: Sugarlemon

  1. I know this is hated but dont hate me..what is your fav color *Hides behind Kiri*
  2. OI! Anybody wanna ask anything!? *Kiri* ^Sure ill go, what are your guys favorite food?^
  3. *^Alright dumb extras, out of most of us who is your favorite^*
  4. *Izuku* ^Favorite quirk?^
  5. Ok uhhhh favorite sport
  6. This wont effect your quiz but how you like so far
  7. i dunno im running out of ideas...what kind of gf are you
  8. what do you find attractive
  9. Thoughts on nasty grape mineta
  10. So uh you guys ready for answers(wont effect anything)
  11. bye(wont effect)

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Quiz topic: Which mha boy is my soulmate?