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    "CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎊🎈 School has ended Welcome to summer"
  • "Wow look I have the magical power to stop an RP would you look at that"
  • Anyone wanna rp
    "Name: Sophia — Sophie or Soph for short Gender: Female Pronouns: she/her Age: 7 Species: Fairy Looks/appearan"
  • Roleplay OC challenge #1
    "She turned around and started humming her soul song. Her and Maedal’s eyes became white and empty. Sophia continued, as all the woodland ani"
  • Roleplay OC challenge #1
    "“Well, YOU’RE weird.” She said, turning her head back to fading forward. “Now, shut it. Or Maedal’s gonna have to get you again.” she threat"
  • U.A. RP
    "...yeah :/"
  • Roleplay OC challenge #1
    "She was thinking about letting 6 go, but she decided not to."
  • Roleplay OC challenge #1
    "“Hm...maybe I will. Let me think...nah! You deserve it!” She went back to singing."
  • Roleplay OC challenge #1
    "Sophia kicked them, turned around, and faced toward them. “Don’t play dumb, little—“ She was interrupted by Maedal, who was about to pounce "
  • U.A. RP
    "Dude, do I have to point out the fact that this “Katsuki Bakugou” who is literally insulting us joined GTQ today??"
  • "(This is like Dungeons and Dragons, lol)"
  • Roleplay OC challenge #1
    "(Sorry that was confusing. Sophia said that, not the dog)"
  • "This sounds interesting!"
  • Roleplay OC challenge #1
    "Sophia growled. “EXCUSE ME?!” she whisper-shouted. “Geez, maybe I’ll take your soul too after this!” Maedal growled at 6."
  • Roleplay OC challenge #1
    "(Hello? Anyone alive?)"

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