Do you know me?

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Created by: Eternall

  1. What’s my name? Difficulty: You might guess this one
  2. What’s my favorite color? Difficulty: 50/50 chance of correct answering
  3. What’s my favorite hairstyle? Difficulty: Pretty bad chance, you know
  4. What’s my favorite OC? Difficulty: It’s plastered everywhere
  5. What’s my favorite place I’ve been to? Difficulty: You won’t know unless you’re related to me
  6. What’s my pet species and name? Difficulty: I’ve posted it before
  7. What’s my favorite person in my family? Difficulty: You have to guess
  8. What’s my favorite song? Difficulty: Actually pretty good chance on your side
  9. What’s my favorite RP genre? Difficulty: Piece of cake
  10. Lastly, what’s your thoughts on this quiz? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?

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