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  • I thought it was a great piece of writing :) Very descriptive and thorough... it's a shame there's a lot less guys who are open to reading these than girls. I'd love to see this continue because I'd read it, even if I'm a girl. You can't get between me and my love for reading.

    P.S. when you talked about the other series you didn't want to continue, you were talking about "The Amulet", right? Because I hope you continue "Not any Mortal Boys" since it's unique among series as the guys aren't all lovey-dovey all the time, and you include some good action X)

  • nooooooo!!!!I AM LITERALLY DYING!!!YOU ARENT CONTINUING "not any mortal boys"!!!!i LOVE reading and thats my favorite story quiz out of every quiz youve EVER made!!!:(im sorry i have to go.i have to go cry in my bathroom!!!im praying your not just going to stop.WHHHHHHHHYYYYY Y:'( (IM NOT BEING DRAMATIC OVER A COMMENT.I AM REALLY FLOODING WITH TEARS!)

  • thanks for taking the quiz!


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