Prevailing Darkness (Part 3)

Well, it's Part Three of my 'Prevailing Darkness' series! Again, there are long paragraphs, and suckish answers for you to choose from. The results you get depend on the answers you choose; they'll show which level in the Schools you'll be in. But the results are just for fun, be mindful. The reading is more important.

Again, thank you xxblutixx for being the wonderful person that you are! Thank you for those comments, as you were the only one! I have a message for you in the last question of this part of the series. Please don't forget to read it. :) Anyway, if any other people are reading this, please rate and comment! Thank you!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. You sat awkwardly on the bed, smack-dab on the middle of your captors. In your opinion, you'd rather have remained confined in the other musty cell room on the rusty chair than feel like an idiot who was the center of attention of possibly the most powerful sorcerers in the world. This is how it began...
  2. You had been struggling and wiggling around very impatiently in the blasted chair, swearing and cursing at the ever-stubborn cuffs binding you. You grumbled mostly to yourself though. You should have made up a name for yourself instead of letting Gryffin and Abaddon call you by those nicknames ('Midget' and 'Wuss' respectively). As you moped about and fussed in your seat, Gryffin filled the plastic cup from which you had drunk before with more water from a pitcher and trudged back to where you sat. "You need a break, Midget," he advised. "Drink." "...No," you replied defensively, glancing up at him and instantly turning away out of instinct. Gryffin didn't seem to mind the reaction. "Hmmm?" he cooed in response. "Would you mind telling me why?" "Your face." "Would you like me to bring Abbsy here to finish you off when he's still in 'Call of Duty'-mode?" "No." "Then tell me." "...Magic." Then you motioned with a jerk of your head toward the metal cuffs. "Release me." You still continued to press yourself against the bondages, only half-hearing what the other was saying. Gryffin shook his head and his lips curled into something like a smile. "You mundanes have such stubborn mindsets," he began, "that it is very easy to predict their actions."
  3. You still didn't look up, not quite understanding the message behind his words. But you knew that something strange was going on within the magic-user's head. Your manmade instincts had taken over you again. You were never captured once in your life as far as you knew, and if you ever were, you didn't remember. You never likedd to take extreme measures, espescially for just several words, but these were people who could commit tremendous damage with just one snap of their fingers. Even though you were slightly unsure, a gut feeling began appearing, warning you that they were telling the truth. Making up your decision, you inhaled sharply, pressed your back straight and erect against the hard chair, and looked Gryffin straight into his golden eyes, challenging him. But to your annoyance, he continued smiling with twinkling eyes. "Well, maybe you MIGHT be an exception." "Shut up. Release me. You said you would in a few minutes." "Maybe I lied." "Maybe I hate you." Gryffin clicked his teeth, shaking his head in mock disapproval. "And I was just about to acknowledge you and your pitiful efforts," he sighed. He snapped his fingers, a clear, sharp thump reverberating across the room. The cuffs immediately broke off and dangled in chains from the armrests. Without thinking, you bolted. 'What the hell am I doing?' The thought raced through your mind as your quick legs easily tore through the aches and got into shape. Within a few seconds, you were already almost out the door when you bumped into a stone-hard body.
  4. You gulped, for the first time feeling pure fear, when you looked up into the face of the person you bumped into. For you knew that this was the person who had nearly killed you the night before (All right, the description of the guy's appearance might not be appealing to any guys reading this, so you might as well skip it.). His face looked very much like Gryffin's, with the same perfect, angular features. However, he was way more muscular and broad, and a few inches taller than Gryffin. A blue-and-white checkered cap with the Yankees logo printed on it lay to the side on bloodred hair that stuck up in spiked and angled slightly to the back. Around his long, well-defined neck was a choker with silver spikes pointing outward. He had one simple diamond stud in his right ear, three ring piercings on the left corner of his bottom lip, and one more ring on an arched eyebrow. He had no shirt on, revealing a lithe, muscular body with long arms and well-defined abs. He wore black skinny jeans that outlined agile, nimble legs and red converse shoes.
  5. "Did you expect to escape from here, Wuss?" he said in the same fearful, gruff tone that sent shivers shooting up and down your spine. But despite your situation, you quickly regained your senses. Rule Number One of the Sleuth Book: NEVER look afraid in the face of danger. Even if you know the consequences are brutal. You spread your legs apart, crossed your arms, and replied without hesitation, "Heck yeah I do, you freak." You expected Abaddon to burst into a a fierce anger, but instead he answered calmly while checking his perfectly manicured nails, "Did you think that I would be thrown off by that?" You hesitated slightly before lying, "No." "Then why did you say that? Why did you try to escape? From here, and your orphanage?" A small, tense silence between you two followed. "Do you have anything to say to me?" Abaddon asked, breaking the silence. "Why are you asking me?" "Because I want to." "Who said you had that right?" "I did." This time, Abaddon cocked his head, looking you up and down thoughtfully. You, in turn, continued looking straight ahead despite the ravenous thumping of your heart. Finally, Abaddon looked past you and spoke to Gryffin instead. "We're planing to send Wuss to the Schools, right?" "Yes, now would you please put a shirt on, honey boy?" A white shirt whizzed past your head. Abaddon effortlessly caught it. He took off his cap, tossed it into your face, and irritably put it on. As he did, his muffled voice growled, "It's hot in here. At least make it colder." "You can do that easily, can't you?" Gryffin replied. "What about you?" Abaddon countered, and they continued arguing. As they did, you silently picked up the cap and looked at the Yankees logo on it. 'Max,' you thought earnestly, remembering one of the moments when he expressed his liking of the Yankees baseball team to you. You looked down sadly at the cap, unaware of the fact that Gryffin and Abaddon's argument had ended and they were intently staring at you.
  6. "Is Max a close friend of yours?" a voice suddenly interrupted your thoughts. Startled, you dropped Abaddon's Yankees hat. You gawked, looking at Gryffin, who was the one who asked the question. Overcome with emotion, surprise, and fear, you stuttered, for the first time without the answer to a question, "I... I... Um... I don't-" "Heh," Abaddon interrupted rudely with a triumphant grin. "For once that Wuss doesn't have an answer." At that moment, you burst into pure rage. You flung the hat at him with all the strength you could muster. He dodged it easily, but you ignored it and roared at him at the top of your lungs, the loudest you had ever spoken throughout your entire life, "THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE ABANDONED AND YOU HAVE NOONE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU EXCEPT A BUNCH OF SMART-TALKING HOOLIGANS!" After that, you realized your throat had suddenly gone dry because you weren't able to breathe. Falling onto your knees, you retched and coughed and gasped. Your vision began to go blurry and the world started to spin around your head. 'I never knew...' you thought wearily, 'that I was this weak.' You felt your head lolling upward and saw Abaddon's and Gryffin's faces looking down on you. "Hey, Midget," you heard Gryffin's muffled voice. "Wake up!" "Come on, you stinking mundane," came the snarl of another voice. "Don't black out on me just because I said that! It's all cool!"
  7. Suddenly, you felt a strange sensation around yourself. As if you were floating. Your mind blanked. You couldn't think. You didn't know anything. But all you could see was an orb of greenish-yellowish haze surrounding you, rising into the dark air like sparks popping from a fire. You felt your mind ease from pain. Then just as quickly as the aching began to dull, the floating haze whipped into a garrish, roaring flame of red. Blood red. Tortured faces glared down at you as you screamed and roared. You felt veins bulge at the side of your head. The mystic haze gone, your head now felt like it was going to erupt along with the red fire until finally, everything you saw was just inky blackness. The last words you heard before falling into your slumber was- "F.B.M.'s Experiment."
  8. You groggily opened your eyes to a creamy white room. As your mind opened itself up to the world, you realized- slowly, painfully- that you felt the same as when you woke up after Abaddon had nearly killed you that time. But this time, you noticed when you gently moved your arm, you weren't bound to the soft bed you were lying in. 'Why am I so delicate?' you thought miserably as a dull ache pounded in your head. "Mundanes like you are naturally like that," came a female voice beside you. She continued, "But from what the boys saw, now I don't think we can really call you one." You curiously blinked and then looked to your right, squinting against the bright light. The girl was staring down at you curiously. She had frizzy black hair tied into a messy ponytail, tannish-colored skin, and dark brown, almost black, deep eyes. And she was tall. She was hunching down to be able to look you. "Who're you?" You mumbled. The girl smiled warmly. "My name's Rani," she said. "It means Queen in Sanskrit." "You're Indian?" "Uh-huh. I'm from a branch of those boys' group. I happened to be passing by, and they called me over to take care of you while they went on some business." Then suddenly, she arched an eyebrow. She waited for a few seconds. Then her brow unfurled and she patted you kindly on the head. "Looks like they're already here. They probably heard me talking to you." "Where did they go?" "Halfway across the globe. To Russia. Some Mafia issues going on there." You didn't even bother asking for details.
  9. Then she stood up. She loomed over you. In the sleeping position you were in, it looked like her head was touching the tiled ceiling. "How tall are you?" you croaked. "Five foot five," she answered quickly, and then put a finger to her lips. You hushed. "I have to go now," she whispered. "Those guys are very strict about their rules." She reached down and gave your arm a squeeze- quick but caring. "I hope we meet again someday," she wished, and then vanished into thin air, a thin, wisp of smoke disappearing into the atmosphere the only evidence of her prescense. Your arm still pulsed at the spot where she had squeezed it. 'Kindness,' you thought. 'Is that what it is?' "Don't tell me you're already getting romantic," pointed out a familiar gruff voice. "You're too young." Gasping you looked to your left and saw Abaddon, glaring daggers at you. Next to him was Gryffin, impatiently sighing and putting one foot in front of the other. Next to him, standing wrapped in shadows and darkness, you saw another boy. You swore you saw wisps of darkness flow around him. This one, unlike the others, didn't dress so elaborately. He had black hair with long bangs covering one golden eye. His face was pale like the others, but he wore no piercings. He wore a simple black trench coat that looked about one size too big for him, and tight pants with black shoes. His lips were stretched into a taut line, no expression shown on his face at all. He only glanced at you before coldly looking away. Right beside him was another boy, who seemed about the same height as you or maybe shorter. 'He derserves my wonderful nickname,' you thought sorrowfully. His face was chubby and at the apples of his cheeks, a small pink blush could be seen. Unlike the rest, he had baby blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair. He wore an old tee-shirt, torn black pants, and held a teddy bear to his chest. He frowned and said in a babyish voice, "You woke me up. MeaNIE!" he accused, wagging a finger at you.
  10. The last guy, who was standing directly to the right of you, was seemingly the most strange. His hair was a silvery white, long bangs covering his right eye, and an eyepatch covering his left. Only a golden slit could be seen through the silver bangs which symbolized his eye color, and the eyepatch had a garrish-looking skull printed on it. That meant you couldn't see any of his eyes. He was about the same height or an inch taller than him, meaning he was the tallest out of all of them. The remaining skin on his face that could be seen was quite pale, like the rest, and his features were again very perfect. He wore a ring piercing the upper right corner of his top lip, and a gold earring encrusted with all sorts of precious and semi-precious stones of all colors dangled from his left ear. He had a long neck. His shirt was strange- it was black, crossed over his chest into an 'x', crossed behind his back again, and then crossed again onto the lower area of his stomach. The rest of the areas of his torso were open and bare. Some parts were covered with tatoos. He wore a red sweater. Its' hood covered his head and the top of his face. It had no zipper, so it revealed the strange outfit he had on. His arms could be seen though, with pale skin and strange tattoos showing texts and pictures almost smothered his left arm. He wore black, leather gloves on each hand, skinny black leather pants, and multi-colored converse shoes. This guy, you instantly noticed, was the leader of their group.
  11. After you'd finished scanning the new people, you looked back at Gryffin and Abaddon, the only people you knew out of all of them. Gryffin looked at you, sighed for the millionth time, then looked back up again. "Might as well introduce all of them," he said, then yawned. After he finished his long yawn, he explained, "The one in the corner over there, the scary-looking one, in the trench coat. His name is Tai. It means talented in Vietnamese. He has a twin brother, whose name is Tallis and means knowledgable in Persian. He's not here at the moment, but don't worry, they look exactly alike." He grinned at you and winked. You rolled your eyes. 'Double trouble,' you thought. Gryffin continued, "The one with the teddy bear- his name is Yitzak. In Hebrew the way he acts is the exact meaning of the name. At this, the boy with the odd name giggled. You looked at him strangely. 'Is he a girl?' you thought. You had forgotten that they could read minds. Yitzak was about to object again when Abaddon's snicker interrupted him. "So true," he agreed with you. Gryffin ignored both of them. "The last one there," he motioned to the one beside you with the strange outfit, "is our leader."
  12. Another awkward silence followed. It took about a minute for you to realize that now this was the cue for you to talk. Coughing, you pressed your hands against the soft bed and pushed yourself up. Then you lay back against the pillow that had magically appeared out of nowhere. After your wonderful performance of getting up from the bed, you asked bluntly, "What happened then? And... What exactly am I?" Abaddon grumbled to himself. "Idiot boss," he muttered underneath his breath. "Doesn't let us erase his memories." You turned and looked at the boss- Alystaire. He smirked, and said again in that calm, suave voice he remembered from that night- "I have my reasons, Abby," he murmured. It was strange to you, how it seemed like the boss's eyes were blind to the world around him but was still able to sense everything around him. You turned back to Abaddon, who rolled his eyes. "Anyway," Gryffin butted in, sitting at the edge of the bed and looking straight ahead with a thoughtful look on his face, "Many years ago, we learned about a rumor that apparently the F.B.M. were conducting an experiment. They wanted to see if they could insert the power of a full-fledged sorcerer into a human when it was just born. If it was successful, then they could let the baby grow up, unlock and learn the secrets of ancient, forbidden spells that could destroy the world. The operation was called 'X-Infi-X'. The baby the experiment was conducted on was you." "But then-" you interrupted, your heart racing again. Gryffin halted him. "Wait. I have more to tell you. Someone must have been able to break into F.B.M. headquarters, get you out, and then come back out unharmed to be able to drop you in the orphanage. And the only person who could accomplish such a feat..." All eyes slowly turned to Alystaire, who calmly crossed his legs over a stool and laid his right elbow on the head of the bed, right behind where you were lying down.
  13. "You have got to be kidding me," you moaned, facepalming yourself. Abaddon shook his head in exasperation and also sat on the edge of your bed. "You're not the only one. We just figured that out," he informed. Surprisingly, Yitzak interjected, gripping his teddy bear very tightly. He frowned, and accusingly said to Alystaire, "You MEANIE. You didn't tell that wittle kid who he was. You were watching him his whole life, right? You knew all of this was going to happen, right?" You, and the rest continuing staring, astonished, at Alystaire, who noticed the attention but didn't seem to care. He shrugged and gave another one of his smirks again. "That means 'yes'," Gryffin muttered. "Well, anyway, you've shown us raw power. It's not at all polished and refined. They inserted a lot of power into you, and all of it is raw, pure power. Now we know that all you need to do when you go to the Schools is never reveal who you really are to anyone, even if they seem nice, and that the charm I gave you can be used to polish up and reduce the amount of power you use."
  14. Gryffin turned away from you and glared at Alystaire, who STILL didn't seem to give a damn about what was happening. Gryffin spoke again in the icy, menacing voice that had been burned into your memory. You shuddered again. Gryffin was telling his leader, "You have some explaining to do." Another tense silence. Suddenly a voice, which sounded like Abaddon's, rushed through your head. 'When Gryff sounds like that, he means business,' his voice said in your head. 'It's fun to piss him off sometimes but even I don't mess with him when he becomes like that.' After that, you glanced to your left at Abaddon, who quickly met your gaze, gave a slight nod, and looked away. Then everyone turned to see Alystaire's reaction. Even Tai, the silent one, looked slightly interested. Finally, the boss inhaled deeply and then let it out. He tilted his head to the side and said, sounding not the least bit scared or nervous, "All right, if you say so. Just to get it over with." "Quit stalling," Abaddon growled. Alystaire chuckled and didn't answer to the insult. "You know that F.B.M. plans to destroy the world through X-Infi-X," he began to explain, motioning to you with a nod of his head. "I plan to use him to do the exact opposite." Nobody could react to this. Alystaire continued. "On the other hand, I know F.B.M.'s leader quite well, and he knows me to be the same. Currently I am guaranteeing that he already had another separate mundane child who he kept hiding from me to do repeat the same experiment. I also guarantee that he knows I already know this. For now, both of us are biding our time... Until that day comes, when X-Infi-X and X-Infi-XX clash... and the fate of the world will be decided."
  15. Well, that's the end of this part! Whoever's reading this, thanks so much for reading! Especially xxblutixx, that one, faithful user who always reads my quizzes even when I take so long to update it. You're so awesome, I honestly don't know what to say. I'll tell you what I'll do about the 'Not Any Mortal Boys!' series in the Parting Words, so don't forget to read it. ;) So, thanx everyone! Please rate and comment!

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