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This quiz is not designed to stump you; it is just meant to ensure the NCDHD fit testing equipment is being properly used. Maybe you have not used the equipment in a while or you are completely new to using a PortaCount Fit Tester, regardless, the two videos that Heidi sent you for training are a great resource to learn more about fit testing and this machine.

It is NCDHD's hope that these two videos will provide you confidence to conduct fit tests in your facility. If you have not received these, contact NCDHD.

Created by: Heidi Hostert of NCDHD Webpage
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  1. Do you have to use a computer during testing?
  2. Do you have to use the particle generator to perform a fit test?
  3. Do you connect the even ends or uneven ends to the PortaCount machine?
  4. What items should ensure are complete prior to turning the PortaCount on?
  5. During the Daily Check, the device failed the minimum Particle Check what could possibly be the problem?
  6. You machine failed the Zero Check, what is the first & easiest thing you should try?
  7. The alcohol cartridge should be stored inside the fit tester during storage and overnight?
  8. The wearer (individual getting fit tested) should know how to properly don and doff the respirator to be fit tested in it?
  9. Why do clients need to grimace for 15 seconds during the fit test?
  10. Download the TSI fit test software on your computer prior to planning to schedule any fit tests?

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