Popularmmos fan test!

If your a popularmmos fan try this quiz it will challenge your mind as ypu try to remember the answers but remember if your a fan you will win! But anyway enjoy the quiz leave likes and go sub to them they love fan and always are inspired by them!

For people who dont know who they are take this quiz and you moght learn more about them! Remember even if ypu lose your still a fan enough to take this quiz!

Created by: Landon

  1. Have you ever heard of popularmmos?
  2. Pat used to play a game but no longer dies what is the game?
  3. Is pat married?
  4. Does pat like pokemon?
  5. How many subscribers does the popularmmos channel have?
  6. Has anybody bathed in money on there channel?
  7. Did pat play a game on roblox that got shutdown?
  8. Does a friend or significant other of pat wear glasses?
  9. Is pat a moblie game lover?
  10. Does pat enjoy minecraft more than roblox or roblox more than minecraft?
  11. Is pat bald?
  12. Does the name jen remind you of anything?

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