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  • You are 76% popular!

    You are pretty much a popular kid. You may not be one but you are friends with them and are as close as someone can get!

    rockerGirl1 May 8 '16, 2:11PM
  • 0% popular. That explains everything. Thanks for the accurate quiz.

    Starice Mar 14 '15, 1:34AM
  • You are 34% popular!
    You are not a loser and not popular... you're just kind of there. The popular people dont ever really even notice you.

    I'm not really popular, but I like it that way.

    Aprilmonth Feb 12 '15, 12:34PM
  • Who judges someone by their diet, party life, love life and favorite animal, then completely ruins your self esteem by saying you need to change who you are. When I took this quiz, I just wanted to find out if I'm considered a part of my school, a community contributer. As a "unpopular" person it makes my life harder. I'm a vegetarian who listens to 50's rock music, has anger issues and is atheist. Who the hell cares!

    Webkinshakers Aug 12 '14, 2:54AM
  • you cant determin somebodys popularity to how much they eat or how much they party these quizes ruin peoples self confidence

    Wilfrecookie Apr 26 '14, 2:03AM
  • I got 58% and I'm very popular I'm in the popular group cause I decide who is cool enough
    To be there

    lindaelli Apr 28 '13, 2:49PM
  • i'm 88 percent popular or 80 one of those i am popular at my school most of the boys like me nd i have a bf right now everyone is all up on me

    star123 Nov 21 '12, 10:51AM
  • I got popular 77% I consider popularity to be something
    you hav wen u hav friends tht luv u 4 who u r

    AlyLovesYhuu Dec 31 '11, 7:56PM
  • I think your quiz scored me too high. It came out 20%. I'm a total geek boff no one cares about. A ginger geek. AND PROUD! Seriously, though, people who are "popular" are jerks that think looks and acting stupid and swearing and being something they aren't will get them through life. Morons. if you ask me, I would rather be the rejected bullyed girl I am than be "popular".

    Phoebe Nov 2 '10, 4:27PM

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