Political Philosophy Quiz

Most political quizzes are focused on the left-right divide or use a point of view unique to American politics. This is a broader political philosophy quiz. While not exhaustive, this quiz may shine some light on what you believe.

Are you a liberal democrat? Are you an anarcho-capitalist or an anarcho-communist? Are you tired of quizzes that ask you about irrelevant topics that only Americans care about? Find the answers to all of these.

Created by: Anon
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  1. A government is necessary.
  2. A government should represent the people it rules over.
  3. Economic equality is a reasonable goal for society.
  4. What is the role of an economist?
  5. Some people are intrinsically better than others.
  6. It is just that some people have more wealth than others.
  7. Private property is an inalienable right.
  8. Personal freedoms (association, bodily integrity, choice of abode, career, etc) are inviolable.
  9. Political freedoms (speech, press, etc) are inviolable.
  10. Which is more important?
  11. A good government is one that cannot be overthrown easily.
  12. Which of these would you describe your ideal government?
  13. Race exists, and should affect public policy.
  14. The government should encourage certain opinions, be they religious or a stance on science (eg anthropogenic global warming)
  15. Having many people in leadership positions is preferable to having one.
  16. My form of government is inevitable in future society.
  17. The rest of the world should/needs to follow my ideology.
  18. Society gets better as time goes on.
  19. Immigration should not be restricted.
  20. Some races pose an existential threat to my way of life.

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