Political Leaning Calculator

Have you ever wondered what political leaning you are of? Do you think you Left like Lenin? Or Right like the Nazis? Less extreme of either or slap bang in the middle?

Prepare to find out! Will you truly follow you Further? Or are you a Comrade from the motherland? I have tried to make it as un-biased as possible and as good as possible. This is my first quiz so have fun!

Created by: British Accia

  1. Should one race be lifted above the other.
  2. Should people have to fend for themselves?
  3. Should the workers be paid more than their employers.
  4. Should the government keep things public, or privatise it?
  5. Who was Stalin?
  6. Who was Hitler?
  7. What do you think of the Soviet Union?
  8. Who is better? Man, or woman?
  9. Should a big military be maintained?
  10. How would you put yourself? (Counts slightly but not much)

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