Pokemon Ultra Fan Quiz

Do you love Pokemon? Do you think you know a lot about it? Test your skills in this quiz for Pokemon Ultra Fans. No using websites to cheat on this quiz!

So, go on! See if you have what it takes to call yourself a Pokemon Ultra Fan! Try your skills in the games, the Pokedex, and even the TV show! See if you can pass with Ho-oh colors!!

Created by: Ludiking43

  1. What TM is Dig in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl?
  2. What move does Deoxys learn at level 73?
  3. What was Ash's 7th Unova Pokemon?
  4. Axew evolves by...
  5. Which of the following Pokemon has the ability Damp?
  6. What Pokemon is famous for being named Larry?
  7. If you have a Cherrim with Sunny Day, what type would be a god match up for a Double battle?
  8. What is the name of the event that gets you Darkrai?
  9. What is the chance of Shadow Punch hitting the opponent?
  10. Who is number 274 on the National Pokedex?

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