How well do you know Pokemon?

There are many Pokemon geniuses, but few true geniuses.Genius is, after all, quite exceptional! Pokemon Geniuses are rare and I think you might just be one!

This quiz is all about Pokemon games, Pokemon types and anything that has to do with Pokemon. Are you up for the Challenge? try this quiz. it is awesome. :>

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  1. How many legendaries can you catch in Pokemon Platinum? (Without cheats and events)
  2. How many Generation IV games are there?
  3. What key item do you need to catch Arceus?
  4. How many pokemon are there?
  5. How many pokemon games are there?
  6. What is Pokemon #001?
  7. Who is the gym leader of Pewter City?
  8. Which legendary pokemon learned how to clone pokemon and almost take over the world?
  9. What are the three elemental monkey pokemon of generation V?
  10. What generation is Pokemon Red?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pokemon?