Pokemon True/False Test

There are many Pokemon fans, but few are true superfans. Are you a superman? Do you belong among those? Thanks to this small quiz. You have to answer these questions and get the result.

Do you think you are? You only have to do is, take the quiz, answer the questions and sumit it. After that, boom! Your result will be displayed. Good luck!

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Pokemon holds a Guiness World Record for "Most sensitive epileptic seizures caused by a TV show".
  2. Mew and Mewto were originally named after Las Vegas and Las Angeles.
  3. Ash never gets old. He is always 11 years.
  4. Pokemon is a 24 million dollar franchise.
  5. Ash sucks at Pokemon battles.
  6. In the Pokemon universe, human eats Pokemon.
  7. Ash has collected only 73 Pokemons.
  8. Ash Ketchum has obtained 52 badges.
  9. Rhydon is Pokemon #112
  10. Safari zone was opened due Pokerus.

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