please HELP ( girls only )

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Created by: randomblonde

  1. ok so my bf and i were doing good as in a healthy relazionship. then 2day he dumped me for my bestie sarah! the worst part is she said ... YES! i got pissed and pimp slapped her and then i went and hit him in a special spot. shuld i move on?
  2. then she comes up and rubs it in my face! so me and sarsah r enemies. she has a huge black eye and swollen face... who knew 13 yr olds culd hit tht hard? but she tried to apologize but gave up b/c i waz crying and ignoring her! shuld i have listened?
  3. beau my ex waz trying to xplain but i said save ig and tried walking away but he wouldnt let me then i hit him again and he still wuldnt move. he said its not u its me and i am srry but shes so shmexi! he actually said tht to ME! of all the rude things!
  4. plz plz plz commment! i neeed help! shuld i make him jealous? shuld i " strut my stuff" and make him want me back? plz help!
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  12. plz help

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