PJLS: The Story of Thalia Grace

Guys, I'm so sorry that I've taken forever to update. I've just been a little preoccupied lately. But, I'm back now! Here is the story of Thalia Grace- It might be a tear jerker, and it might not. Read to find out!

This is the tragic story of Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus. Hunted by monsters, Thalia and her two friends Luke and Annabeth try to make it to a safe haven known as Camp Half-Blood. Will they make it in time?

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Hey there guys....PLEASE DON'T KILL ME. After a bunch of people persuaded me to stay on GTQ...I kind of went into a little depression. I did post PJLS on wattpad (a new and completely revised version) and I've been super duper busy with school and stuff...and, as I said, I've been a little depressed lately. But now I'm back and I still feel really bad about almost leaving. So. This is the story of Thalia. Well, my version. It took absolutely FOREVER to write. I hope you like it. ALSOOOOO: Do any of you remember when I was like Natuhlegayle's prodigy? Well, I'm happy to announce that I've found a prodigy of my own! Her username is ChewyPeanuts. She's absolutely amazing and I hope you guys come to adore her as much as I do!! NOW ON WITH THE STORY!!!
  2. “Hurry, Thalia, run faster,” Grover urged. Luke and Annabeth, Thalia’s friends, were tiny specks in Thalia’s vision, far ahead of the demigod and satyr. Thalia obliged and poured on the speed. Even though the monsters chasing Thalia and her friends were way behind them, Thalia wasn’t taking any chances. Not with those monsters being all three Kindly Ones. Grover ran as fast as he could, trying to keep pace with the daughter of Zeus. Luke and Annabeth had stopped by a tree (as they were in the woods near Montauk) and were trying to catch their breath. Their hands resting on their knees, their heads bowed, they waited patiently for Thalia and Grover to reach them.
  3. Thalia felt a rush of gratitude towards her two friends; Luke, who was a son of Hermes, and Annabeth, who she and Luke believed was a daughter of Athena. They had refused to remain in the safety of their hideout in Virginia and had insisted upon accompanying Thalia and Grover to a place Grover had called ‘Camp Half-Blood,’ a place where demigods could live without having to look over their shoulders all the time. Luke and Annabeth were the best friends Thalia could’ve asked for. When Grover and Thalia finally caught up to the other two demigods, Thalia stopped next to them, trying to regain her breath, while Grover kept on running. When Grover realized he was alone, he doubled back in exasperation.
  4. He grabbed Luke and Thalia by the wrists, 7-year-old Annabeth scampering along behind them. “Come ON,” said Grover, pulling Thalia and Luke faster, “We need to get away. Camp shouldn’t be far now.” ‘Camp shouldn't be far now.’ That was the sentence Grover had been uttering under his breath since the group had entered New York City a couple of hours ago. Since the Kindly Ones caught Thalia’s scent and began their pursuit. Thalia cursed under her breath in Ancient Greek. She just wished they could get to Camp already. Suddenly and uncertainly, Grover yanked Thalia and Luke to the left, up to an entrance to a cave that was near covered by moss. He pulled the demigods, Annabeth still running along behind inside, into the darkness.
  5. “Rest here for a second. Don’t make a sound.” Annabeth was curious though. She whispered that she’d be “Right back, okay?” Her voice was followed by dainty foot steps leading away from the remaining trio, who could do nothing about it without making a lot of noise. After some time, Thalia rolled her eyes and went after the little halfblood. When neither Thalia nor Annabeth had returned, Luke got paranoid. And then came the screams. Luke struggled against Grover’s grip, but the satyr held on. “Let me go,” Luke growled. “No, you ca-” Grover broke off as Luke freed himself from his iron grip. “Luke,” Annabeth’s tiny voice shrieked, “Help me! Help me!” “Annabeth!” Luke screamed and ran in the direction of her voice.
  6. Thalia still couldn’t find Annabeth. She had been searching for a while now- at least, it felt like it. She was starting to get really worried. She was anxious, hoping, praying hard that she would find her friend. “Thalia! Gods, Thalia! Help me! Help me!” Thalia froze in her tracks at the sound of Luke’s voice. He sounded hurt. He must’ve found a monster. “Thalia, please!” He was being tortured…Thalia raced off to find her friend…….Annabeth couldn’t find her way in the dark. Normally, she had a really good sense of direction, but here…she was just…lost. She couldn't find her way back to her friends. She had absolutely no idea where she was going.
  7. She was thinking about yelling for help-Thalia and Luke would find her eventually, right?- but she knew that yelling would attract not only her friends, but every monster in this labyrinth/cave to her.“Annabeth?! Annabeth, where are you?” Thalia’s agonized sounding voice echoed all around the young demigod. Thalia sounded like she was close to tears, in a lot of pain. “Annabeth, help us, please!” This time, the voice was Luke’s. The agony in his voice made tears come to Annabeth’s eyes. Her friends were being hurt and tortured, she knew it. “Annabeth!” Her two friends yelled her name in unison, the pain in one voice matching the other. Annabeth lurched forward, trying to find them.
  8. When she finally found her friends, she was so relieved that she failed to notice that Thalia, Grover, and Luke were hanging from the ceiling, their limbs tied together and their mouths gagged. When she saw the looks of panic Thalia, Luke, and Grover were giving her, she noticed they were also hanging above a large cauldron, as if they were going to be cooked and eaten. “Ah, Annabeth, so glad you could join us.” Annabeth jumped at the sudden sound of the voice of her father. She spun around wildly, looking for him. But no matter where she looked, she couldn’t find her father. “Oh, Annabeth,” he said. “Where are you?! Where are you!?” She shrieked, while tears dripped down Thalia and Grover’s cheeks, like they knew something she didn’t, and Luke shook his head sadly.
  9. Behind her friends, Annabeth could see a large, dark shape. She scrunched her eyes, trying to get a better look at the shape. And suddenly, Annabeth’s squinting eyes beheld the face of a giant, smirking Cyclops. “Oh, Annabeth, I’ve been waiting for you!” said the Cyclops- well, said the Cyclops, in her father’s voice. “Wh-what?!’ A flustered Annabeth stuttered. “Now, Annabeth,” said the Cyclops, “Don’t you worry. I love you. You can stay here with me…and you can stay forever.” Annabeth paused for a moment, forgetting where or who she was, forgetting her friends hanging from the ceiling, forgetting the Cyclops trying to trick her. Remembering the way is used to be….before her step-mother. The Cyclops smiled at her. Annabeth smiled back.
  10. And then she whipped out the dagger Luke had given her and stabbed the Cyclops in the foot. It roared in pain, grabbing its injured foot and screaming curses at Annabeth. While the Cyclops was distracted, Annabeth ran across the bone-covered floor and cut Thalia free. “Thanks, Annabeth,” said Thalia, then turned and cut Luke and Grover free. Luke gathered the girls in a big hug, muttering, “Thank the gods you’re both still alive.” Both Annabeth and Thalia smiled at Luke, then pulled out of the hug and readied themselves for a fight. “Grover,” Thalia yelled, “Go! We’ll catch up with you! Meet us at the entrance!” Grover opened his mouth to protest, but Thalia gave him one of her scariest glares. Grover shut his eyes and mouth in resignation, then turned and ran out of the main room of the cave.
  11. Three seconds after Grover ran out of sight, the Cyclops roared again. He advanced towards the three demigods, wincing every time he stepped on his injured foot. “Ready?” Thalia asked Luke and Annabeth. Both of them nodded, their faces grim. Thalia lifted her wrist and activated her shield Aegis (to which the Cyclops faltered, then continued forward) and then whipped out her electric spear. Luke and Annabeth followed her example and raised their own weapons. “For Zeus!” Thalia cried and ran forward. “For Hermes!” Luke echoed, following Thalia into battle. Finally, Annabeth cried, “For my mom!”
  12. The battle lasted for all of 20 minutes. Curses were shouted, blows delivered, injuries given. But in the end, the trio of demigods remained victorious, studying the dead body of the Cyclops, which evaporated a second later. They stood there for a moment for a well deserved breath before running out of the room. They ran as fast as they could back to where they had entered, and found Grover standing exactly where Thalia had told him to be. Grover gave a loud sigh of relief when he saw the approaching demigods. “Oh, thank the gods! Did you take care of the Cyclops?” “Yeah,” said Thalia, “He’s history.” “Good. Now let’s get out of here before…THEY catch up with us,” Grover said, wincing on the word ‘they’.
  13. Then, a satyr and three demigods turned in sync and ran out of the lair of the Cyclops and back out into the woods. *Time Warp* They had been moderately monster free for about 10 minutes after they had left the Cyclops’ cave-that is, until they finally reached the base of Camp Half-Blood. Torches stood at the entrance- which was an ancient looking arch. Beyond it, the camp was dark and looked vacant- aside from dim lights shining out of a few buildings that were very…interestingly decorated. “You cannot escape the wrath of Lord Hades, Thalia Grace!” shrieked a voice from above. The four looked up, startled, to see all three Furies above them. “You will die one way or another, Daughter of Zeus!” “Thalia,” Luke said, laying a hand on her shoulder, “go. Take Annabeth. Grover and I can hold them off.”
  14. Thalia grimaced at her friend, admiring his bravery. “I can fight too!” Annabeth cried. “No, Luke,” Thalia said quietly. “I’m not going to run for it and leave you two here. Not after all we’ve been through.” “Thalia, it’s not us they want! It’s you! If you get away safely within the borders of Camp, they won’t be able to do anything about it!” Luke protested. “Yeah, besides rip you and Grover to pieces!” Thalia cried. “Grover, get your pipes ready. Annabeth, Luke, get out your weapons.” Luke nodded after a moment, in resignation, as Thalia activated Aegis again, making everyone wince. Annabeth unsheathed her dagger. Grover raised his pipes to his lips. Luke took out his sword.
  15. Grover played a tune that made the branches on the trees reach at the Furies and wrap themselves around their wings. Sadly, the Furies just hacked away at them with their wicked looking nails and the branches fell away. Next, Luke went up against the Furies, Annabeth and Thalia covering his back. They each took once Fury. They sliced away, fighting like demons, as Grover tried several more futile tunes. As they fought, the demigods gradually made their way up Half-Blood Hill, until they were five feet from the entrance. Thalia screamed to Grover to go get help. The satyr obliged and ran off.
  16. No sooner had Grover run away then one Fury find a chink in the three demigods’ armor. One Fury slashed at Thalia, opening a large wound in her stomach. She cried out and dropped Aegis, nearly doubling over from the pain. But, she pulled through and stabbed the Fury in the heart with her spear. It disintegrated right there, no doubt going back to Tartarus. Thalia, momentarily free, turned to her friends’ aid. Luke had several cuts on his arms and face, but was otherwise okay. Annabeth had a large cut on her forehead that was bleeding lightly, but also was otherwise okay.
  17. Both Furies, suddenly noticing Thalia was free of their sister, abandoned their current opponents and went for her. Thalia fought bravely, destroying the remaining Furies with ease. Even so, when the fight was over, Thalia collapsed, surrounded by piles of ash. Her hands cover her wound, which was bleeding profusly, gushing blood. Luke and Annabeth rushed over to her side and helped to support her slumping figure.
  18. "Thalia," Annabeth cried, "Are you...okay?" Small tears were beginning to form in the 7 year old's eyes. Thalia saw them and grimaced, squirming in discomfort. "Thalia," Luke started, as Thalia looked at him expectantly, "You're dying...aren't you?" Thalia didn't need to answer. The fact remained that she was losing to much blood. "I...love...you...guys," she croaked slowly.
  19. Annabeth started to sob. "That's what people say when they're about to leave," she wailed. Thalia grasped her little hand tightly. "Annabeth, I will never leave you. Even if you can't see me, I'll always be there beside you. Always" Blue eyes boring into grey, Annabeth nodded while tears poured down her face.
  20. Thalia turned to Luke. Tears were streaming down his face as well, his broad shoulders shaking. "Be strong, Luke," Thalia said, grasping Luke's hand with her free one, "Be strong and take care of Annabeth. Make sure Grover knows this isn't his fault." "P-please, Thalia," Luke begged, "D-don't leave..." Thalia smirked a little. "Sadly, I really don't have a choice in the matter." "I love you, Thalia," Luke whispered to her. "I love you, too," said Annabeth. "I love you both so much. So much...after all, you guys are my family..."
  21. Luke and Annabeth waited several moments for Thalia to finish her thought, grasping her hands tightly, when they realized...the lights were gone from her icy, blue eyes. Luke and Annabeth barely had time to despair for their friend when her body began to shift. Her arms and leg turning wooden, with little green things sprouting from her finger tips. Her body melted together....When Grover returned with Chiron and a small army, they found two young demigods hugging each other and sobbing at the base of a very, very large pine tree.

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