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  • I just had to read this T.T

    I remember reading your Percy Jackson Love Story series but then I stopped during the summer idk why. After reading this, it sparked back why I even began. Your writing style is just so perfect, it seems as if every scene I imagine is filtered into this beautiful lighting. Everything is detailed in a way where it's just perfect, as in it doesn't make me bored from the overdose and it's just right. The way you describe Eleanor and Devin, I already have that movie playing in my head. The way you tell the story, it's almost like a book, like it's not made to be online but on paper and script. Gahh you have to update more often xD

    Do you know, Eleanor's death scene reminds me of the one in Hercules. I used to watch the Disney (was it?) movie and the part where the girl (forgot her name) saved Hercules from a giant pillar falling down on him. That didn't really make me cry but dear lordy, your's did. It's just that Devin treasures this small bundle of light so much you don't even need to hear about their love. I honestly am lost because I don't know anything about Percy Jackson or your series so I have some catching up to do.

    If your writing sways me this much to convince me to read something even related to a fan fic, girly you're destined to have your name on best selling lists.

  • @Aria: Lol no, sorry. I luv ya, girly. I just had to write this though. OMG Moments....like the perfect song for this.

    Poor Devin.

    @Ivory Thank you SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOS OSOSOSOOOOOO much for making me smile the biggest I have in days. Thank you for reminding me why I even started writing in the first place. Thank you for reminding me that there are some good people in this world. (Sorry, this is random, I just though all this while reading your comment.) Thanks for reading my story and loving it as much as I do, even more.

    Thank you SO much. For everything. :)

  • You don't like me, do you? Cal, I can't even....

    While reading this, I was listening to Moments by One Direction. To be, it seemed to fit it perfectly. By the way, It's obvious, isn't it? It's obvious that Devin falls for Violet. Poor Devin.


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