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Have you watched Pixels? This movie is great, and this quiz will test your knowledge of it! Also check out my YouTube channel, PD2002! :D rate and comment! :P

Do YOU know anything about pixels? this quiz is really easy! Check out my YouTube channel, as shown at end of quiz, and my channel is PD2002 | Psycho Dog

Created by: Kirito_SAO of YouTube.com
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  1. What is the name of the main character?
  2. Who is the ACTOR of the main character?
  3. What is the FINAL game that they had to participate in?
  4. Why were they being attacked by video games?
  5. How was the people of Earth supposed to win?
  6. What was the main character?
  7. How did the main character find out about the invasion?
  8. What were the guns they used to shoot the game characters?
  9. Which game character was Ladlow Lamonsoft in love with? (soz if I spelled his name wrong)
  10. What was the name of the CHEATER from the main character's childhood?

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