Pick a doki doki

Doki dokis are smiley balls with the coolsomediffical power to make beams of light.Two kinds of doki dokis exist now.WILL YOU PICK ONE!?!?!?!SERIOUSLY PICK 1

In this RP quiz,discover the doki dokis!But not Linigeil,Blart,and Tinshellianiel cuz unlike Negra and Aether there extinct,so you wont discover one.YA

Created by: Mkbomg

  1. your walking with a friend/family member but time freezes,leaving you in scilence.
  2. if you chose to look around,a man shows up and hands you a smiley ball.
  3. the smiley ball coons,unleashing a little glow.
  4. the man grabs your hand and tells you with the help of that ball you'll save the world.
  5. if you threw the ball away,you start freezing like your family member/friend.
  6. the man tells you a threat is coming and to aim for the air.
  7. light fills the world from your helping/deafeating the air.
  8. time unfreezes and your ball turns into your fav animal.
  9. if you chose to try to unfreeze your friend/family member,none of this happened to you exept everything unfreezing.
  10. JK

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