Personality Quiz

This is a personality quiz. This is fake, and the answer probably isn't true. This is a quiz for fun, because all the answers probably won't be true..

Some answers will lead to different conclusions. Choose the 'right' ones and you'll get a good end. Choose the wrong and well, you probably did it on purpose. Good Luck!

Created by: TheMagicGuardian

  1. You are in your house. You hear a *SCREAM!!!!* from outside.
  2. One of your family members have died.
  3. You can either save yourself, or save someone else. Whoever isn't saved dies.
  4. What do you think most describes yourself out of these options?
  5. Get superpowers or save someone from falling to there death?
  6. Pick one.
  7. Who do you save? (you can save yourself and two people)
  8. Did you like this Quiz?
  9. What's your name?
  10. Please no!

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