Personality Quiz

This quiz will tell you how good of a person you are, sorry if you get bad scores, that just means you need to work a little harder though. So I really don't mean to be rude.

I designed this quiz mainly for kids. So if some of the questions you feel don't make since for your age then just skip it. And also, keep in mind that I am a CHILD and I did my best to make my FIRST quiz. Thank you and good luck!

Created by: Aerokinetic
  1. What is your eye color? (This has nothing to do with it, I just need 10 questions.)
  2. What is your hair color? (This also has nothing to do with it, I just need 10 questions.)
  3. A second grader trips over his shoe laces and falls, you...
  4. Your grandma knits you an old fashioned sweater for you birthday and it's UGLY. What do you do?
  5. You get in trouble for sneaking candy into your room. Your response is...
  6. Your younger brother smashes your newest LEGO build. Your reaction...
  7. Pick an emotion.
  8. Are you a good person at school?
  9. What is your age? (No effects. You can leave this blank.)
  10. Will you comment and rate this quiz? (This is my first time making a quiz so pls be kind.)

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