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  • woo! this quiz is pretty accurate! ive got that exciting personality apparently. I'd like 4 y'all 2 take mah Zelda PH quizzes and My Ultimate Pokemon Quiz! try 'em out, they aren't too bad!

  • My result didn't match me at all... Oh well.

    Come on people. That chain letter isn't real. The "love of your life" will never kiss you. No matter how many times you repost that. :b

  • Great Quiz. And please stop thous message about you dying because you don't post something on a Quiz comment. It is a very stupid, idiotic idea. Plus how does anyone know if I or someone else read it? So stop. Post this to help it end!

  • Hi please take this 'quiz' called ~"Please read this if you care about animals!!"~ I did not make this quiz but the person who did asked people to pass it on. I am going to make a huge step and you can to take the quiz and read about it :)

  • Lucian, learn to spell you idiot. Oh and here's a tip: if you're trying to sound all mysterious, emotive and wise- you're doing it WRONG.

  • what's the point of passing those stupid emails to others??? is it just to scare the hell out of them??

    well i do believe in other creatures that we can't feel or see... so teddy is gonna kill me.....?

    or i will die in 2 days? since when u ppl decide when others die.....

    I have seen so many things in my life... worse then what u can imagin.. but guess what.. but try this .... go in the afternoon to an empty space where no one can see u ... at 12 when the son is in the middle of rising and seting.. write ur name on the ground ... while u r writing say this... here I stand between the start and the end. between the son and the earth.. i want you to appear just like me ... then go back again to the same spot the same day 12 middnight... and at 12 wright ur name in reversed and say ... here i am between the end and the start i am out of the door the earth is between me and the son... but nothing is between me and you. see what happens ... but if u have a weak heart then my advice is to quit it. but if u want to try it .. then do it in the middle of the week and that wensday cuz infact sunday is the start and sat is the end

  • I am interested and enjoy answering your quizes. Also help me to learn more or explore about different personalities and appreciate people despite of differences.

  • I'm really sorry about that. I will keep your family in my prayers. I'm a Christian by the way. (Not catholic)

  • Okay!!!!!! If you go back and look at the previous texts I told you to stop! I read this thousands of times!! Are you people that desperate? Or are you scared of dying?

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  • huh... it really doesn't fit me and i don't see what you favorite color or how you sleep effects your personality but i is a pretty cool quiz and it must have taken forever.:)

  • I don't think that result was much like me... I'm not outgoing in the least, in fact, I'm rather frightened of new situations.

  • Aimi is Adventerous...Please excuse Aimi's bad spelling...Aimi would have to say this is the most correct quiz she has ever taken...Aimi would LIKE to be Adventerous...But Aimi is stuck doing the same old BoRiNg routine every day D:

  • 76% ...Does that mean I have a better personality than someone at 60% but not as good as an 80%? ...Well it's just aswell I know I wasn't the person discribed in the statement. It was fun nonetheless.

  • Hey guys how's life going right now good ok ok bye waiting on this person that I have a crush on to appear in BIG LETTERS

  • DONT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lease dont read this you will get kiised on the nearest possible friday by the love of your life tomorrow will be the best day of you life however if you dont post this comment to at least 3 videos you will die within 2 days. now uv started reading dis dunt stop this is so scary xsend this over to5 quzzes in143 min when you done press f 6

  • Don't copy and paste that, if you have to then comment after it that it didn't work. Please so everyone will stop.

  • I didn't rate this very high since many of the questions didn't give me any option that described me.

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  • oh gosh chain mail overload! is everyone doing this to annoy sane players or do you all really believe its real. 0.o

    anyways cool quiz but it wasn't very accurate

  • Yup, this quiz got me right. I got the impulsive one.

    Hi, i'm wickedblooper, and the next guy who posts a chain comment will brutally die tomorrow.

  • Part of my answer was ". . .you are the center of attention. . ."

    and I HATEEEE the center of attention. I am never taking THIS quiz again and I'm going to tell my friends not to take it too.

  • i dont know why does my quiz is 55 %i mean i am hot and always sweet kinda of a b---- but i get along with everyone i am not shy to talk at all i am really open and i am a big flirt and most of the guys in the football team like me

  • Its almost spooky how much the result described me. Usually personality tests are not so accurate!

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