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  • Sanguine

    Oneonta Sep 22 '18, 3:54AM
  • I'm a doer, but I'm a realist vice an optimist. I'm certainly not an extrovert. I may not be afraid of gatherings or getting to know new people, but I despise public speaking and keep mostly to myself.

    This test is decent enough, but it could use more options to better define characteristics in personalities.

    sonofthunder73 Jul 17 '18, 4:17PM
  • I got Sanguine? I don't know. There was way too many questions. It made my head hurt. And since when is being unpredictable bad?

    Kat Nari Jul 11 '18, 9:44AM
  • Are you a younger sister of Bray Wyatt ?

    jemah jempot Apr 7 '18, 5:36AM
  • 80% Melancholy - the introvert, the thinker, and the pessimist.

    LoserLoner Feb 12 '17, 12:10PM
  • Phlegmatic - the introvert, the watcher, and the pessimist. To view further information about the Phlegmatic personality type, visit personalityplus.awa

    Clo se but I am more melancholy. Great Quiz!

    Eric5 Jun 27 '16, 9:34PM
  • Hi, Ive created a quiz of ice cream personality, and for me, I like rainbow sherbet, which deternines I am pessimistic. And now, I get melancholy, thats a perfect match, isnt it?

    Fairytalea May 9 '16, 9:19AM
  • Your Result: Sanguine

    Sanguine - the extrovert, the talker, and the optimist.

    Uuuuhh hhh, not reaaally. More like quiet, thoughtful, yet sweet and sensitive.

    esther227 May 3 '16, 4:56PM
  • Melancholy 66%
    the introvert, the thinker, and the pessimist. To view further information about the Melancholy personality type, visit personalityplus.awa

    Mistytail Apr 2 '16, 9:54PM
  • first of all all of you are lies( or more your comments) 2nd of all choleric fits me although I don't know what the others mean but optimistic fits me 3rd of all DON'T READ THIS,IF YOU POST THIS...just kidding, those things are everywhere and are really annoying

    imjustadude Mar 16 '16, 3:26PM
  • Melancholy... much true

    JC676 Jan 2 '16, 1:15PM
  • I got sanguine as a result! That's very true! :^D

    TashTash Jan 1 '16, 11:55PM
  • Nice quiz, I got choleric totally fits me! =)

    demilova101 Dec 23 '15, 5:45AM
  • I really like this. I got Melancholy. It suits me totally. Thanks.:-)

    Nicolette Nov 28 '15, 1:09PM
  • This is so scary

    Shafik Sep 21 '15, 5:50PM
  • I'm 98% melancholy.

    Quitterie Jun 19 '15, 10:50AM
  • Choleric

    PUTZthecat100 Jun 13 '15, 9:55PM
  • I'm a relaxed peaceful phlegmatic with some melancholy who looks into the heart & soul of life....very true!

    peaceful Feb 28 '15, 5:10PM
  • im phlegmatic, followed by melancholy. pretty detailed c:

    polarbearqueen Feb 19 '15, 12:12PM
  • sanguine ...wrong im totally opposite but good quiZ though :)

    1D_Bird Nov 26 '14, 6:02AM
  • Melancholy... oohhh

    iIsNinjaKitty Nov 24 '14, 12:29PM
  • I am 12

    zozo Nov 18 '14, 11:43AM

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