Personal Factoids

This is a quiz about me, you won't get them all right, but you may learn a few new things. This quiz is about 15 questions-the first two are automatically added- and I guarentee it will be worth your time.

At the end, if you get enough questions right, you will see a secret message. Good luck, hope you do well! As for what the final message contains, I will leave that to you to ponder. In the meantime, we should get started.

Created by: Palmadot

  1. What is my dog named?
  2. What color is my room
  3. What is my favorite subject?
  4. What's my favorite color?
  5. What color is my Ipod nano?
  6. What grade math am I doing?
  7. Who is my math teacher?
  8. What is my favorite artist?
  9. Do I beleive in Santa?
  10. What language do I take?
  11. Where do I buy most of my jeans?

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