Percy Jackson Love Story pt 1

Hi, well, if you are a fan of natuhleegayle's quizzes, thank you for coming to read mine. Before I start, I would just like to say, thank you. I got a few comments swaying I should start a quiz like this so here I go! And one quick shoutout: HogwartsLove, thank you for your extremely supportive comments. Just a little FWI, your name in this quiz is Violet.

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take thePercy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

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  1. 1. One day, you were having a completely normal day at you're middle school, (yes, you're in seventh grade) when out of the blue, there is a gigantic CRASH! You looked around wildly, noting the gigantic hole in the wall of the classroom. And also the gigantic Troll. People are screaming, running for cover. You stare at it in awe and fear. Suddenly your best friend, Cassidy, who had to use a wheelchair because she couldn't use here legs (lacked cartilage). Anyway, so Cassidy burst up out of the chair and wielded a gigantic sword, and threw it to you.
  2. 2. "Vi! You gotta kill it!" Cassidy shouted. "What?! How do you expect me to kill it? It's huge!" you responded over the din. Cassidy shook her head and screamed "Violet! You're a Half Blood, you can do it! Now kill the dang Troll!" You looked up at the Troll. It didn't look so big anymore. You took your sword and began slicing away. You stabbed and sliced and punctured. Eventually, the Troll fell to dust.
  3. 3. You stood there shaking, not believing you had just killed that thing. Cassidy came up and slapped you on the back. "Okay, well, now, we gotta get you outta here!" Cassidy said, taking her wheelchair and you by the arm, and pulling you out of the hole. "Where are we going?" you asked Cassidy. She was half running, and you were amazed, because you have never seen her take a single step. "I'm taking you home. You're gonna pack, then I'm gonna take you to camp. Now that you know what you are, you're in more danger...they can smell you better now....oh Gods..." Cassidy started muttering to herself towards the end. But you wanted an answer. "What the HECK are you TALKING about?!?!?" 
  4. She said she'd explain later. Cassidy took you to your apartment (Yes, you live in New York City!) she told your father what happened. He understood completely, and helped you pack. "See you soon, punkin," he said, kissing your head, and giving you a hug. "Dad, what is going on?" "You'll find out when you reach camp," he replied with a smile, he sea green eyes sparkling. He gave you a white-toothed smile, gave you one more hug, and then watched as Cassidy pulled you away.
  5. She got the both of you into a Taxi and told the driver to take you to Long Island Sound. He complained how long a drive it was. She dug into her pockets and dug out a couple hundred dollars. "And if ya make it snappy, you can keep the change," she said tauntingly. You thought she shouldn't have said it. The driver drove so fast you thought the car must look like a blur from the outside. "Okay," you started, "its explanation time!" 
  6. "Okay," she said slowly, closing the window between you and the driver. "Vi, you're a Half Blood. That means, your mom, well, she's a Greek Goddess. And you are a Demigod. Half human, half God. And that monster, I guess he detected your smell. You were probably starting to realize who you are, without noticing it," Cassidy started. But you waved your hands wildly. "Wait, wait, wait! Do you mean to tell me that the mother I NEVER KNEW is a GREEK GODDESS?!?!?" you half yelled. Cassidy cast a dark look at the driver. "Keep your voice down! Yes. But I'm not exactly sure who it is. I mean, you're plenty pretty, so you might be from Aphrodite, but you're also very smart, so your mom might be Athena. I'm stuck here. I've got no clue," Cassidy said, with a desperate tone to her voice. "And another question, why the heck are you one day confined to a wheel chair, the next running around Manhattan?" you asked, and she smiled devilishly. "I'm your protector. Except, I'm not one of those scardy-cat Satyrs
  7. "Well, if you're not a....Satyr? If you're not a Satyr, then what are you?" you asked, almost afraid to know the answer. "I'm a Naiad. Actually, the only Naiad protected ever. I don't have legs, I only have a tail, which is why I can walk- much. If I save up my energy, I'm able to walk around for about three hours using these enchanted legs before I need to go back to the wheelchair. Since I haven't stood up since like, three days ago, I'm good until tomorrow," Cassidy said, like it explained everything. You stared at her, open mouthed.  "Why didn't you tell me?" you asked. "Because then I would need to tell you what you were. And when you find out you're a Demigod, your smell gets stronger, and it's easier for monsters to find you," Cassidy cried. You sat back in your seat, dumbfounded. You couldn't believe it. 
  8. "Here we are!" The driver said cheerily, not caring that your destination was in the middle of NOWHERE. He just took his money, and drove off. "Okay, Vi. Do you still have that sword? I think I out it in your left backpack pocket," she said, hoisting her own bag over her shoulders. You reached back into the pocket, but found nothing except for a bracelet. "Sorry, Cass. I don't know where it is. This is the only thing that was in that pocket," you said, holding out the bracelet. But Cassidy just laughed. She tool the bracelet and pressed down on the biggest bead . Then out came the gigantic sword from before. "Its called Agape. Greek for love which is ironic, because it's a sword. Now, come on. Let's march our butts up this hill and get you to Camp Half-Blood!"
  9. You and Cassidy marched up the hill and reached the camp in no time, with no problem. Except for the one time Cass tripped. We you entered the camp, she told the first camper she saw to go get someone call Chiron. A boy with dark hair and green eyes walked up to you. "You new?" he asked. "Yeah. You?" "Yeah. I got here yesterday. I'm Percy by the way," he said, with a smile. "I'm Violet. Its nice to meet you, Percy," you said, returning his smile. A new voice from you're left suddenly came. "Are you Violet Wildes?" You turn to see who had said your name. Before you stood a man...who wasn't entirely a man.....
  10. Okay guys, I'm gonna wrap it up! I hope you enjoyed Percy Jackson Love Story pt 1! And again a massive shoutout and thank you to HogwartsLove. Your comments and support is greatly appreciated, and I'm glad to seem SOMEONE is enthusiastic about my writing! Also, thank you to natuhleegayle!

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