Percy Jackson Love Story part 14

Well...yeah, you're on the quest officially now. Brace yourself, is all the advice I'm able to give you right now. Also: good luck, my friend. Seriously.

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

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  1. Argus dropped you off at a bus stop with a bag of ambrosia and nectar, mortal money, and a bunch of drachmas. He waved goodbye and then drove off back towards camp. "Well, it looks like we're on our own, huh?" said Percy, in an attempt to lighten the mood. You looked at him quizzically. He looked down at his feet sheepishly. After that, you all waited in silence for the bus.
  2. Suddenly, there is a noise from behind you. You look behind you tensely, and see, to your horror, the woman in the trench coat. "Stheno?! I though I killed you! I almost DIED killing you!" You cry, standing up and activating Agápe. Percy and Grover are on their feet now. "No, foolish one. I am Euryale. Sister of Stheno. You have killed my sister, and I've come to aveng her!" shrieks Euryale. Suddenly, she's the ugly monster Stheno had turned into. A gigantic, ugly serpent with snakes for hair and claws for fingernails. Instead of legs, she has a big tail.
  3. You jumped out of the way as Euryale threw her tail in your direction. You slashed away at her tail, scratching it up pretty good, bu not good enough to kill her. "I will throttle you, Daughter of Aphrodite!" she screamed. "Not...before...I CUT YOUR TAIL OFF!" you bellow. Taking all your anger inside of you, all the anger that had built up in you the past few weeks, all your feelings that had been bottled up, you unbolted them, and let them out in a cld, harsh wind of fury. Euryale flew back twenty feet as you hit her with the butt of your sword. She got up faster then a cheetah and charged at you. You slashed the air, but missed her. She was three feet away and suddenly, there was a stinging pain in your left leg
  4. You look down at your leg. It's bleeding heavily, but the blood isn't red. It's the ugliest mix between red and green that you had ever seen. You feel like you're about to faint, but you pull through and continue fighting. After minutes of slashing and kicking and bleeding, you finally manage to cut off Euryale's arm. She barely has enough time to look at you, then at the bloody stump before you cut a deep, fatal X mark on the front of her tail, and she disintegrates. You, breathing heavily, drop the bloody sword out of your hand and fall down. Your leg can barely sustain your weight anymore. Percy and Grover rush over to you just in time for you to black out.
  5. " Here, Perce. Not much but-," You heard Grover start to say.  " But it's enough to help Vi." "Help me what?" you say as your eyes open. Percy and Grover sigh in relief. "Help you stay alive," says Percy grimly, "Vi, stay still." He pours water over the wounds on your leg and you gasp as it immediately begins to heal. The pain, however, hasn't left. "I think it might be infected. Here, take one bite of the ambrosia," says Percy, reaching into his bag and takin out and ambrosia square. You take it and take the biggest bite your body will be able to deal with. 
  6.   "Come on, Violet, let's help you get on the bus. Don't worry, I healed all your other wounds, so we don't look a mess," Percy says as he and Grover help you to your feet. "Heres the number one rule while fighting- never let your opponent distract you. Dead or alive," Percy says with a smirk. You stumble as you begin to walk, but Percy hooks his arms through yours to steady you. Its a casual gesture, but you're grateful. You board the bus and sit in silence for a couple minutes. Suddenly, the bus comes to a jarring stop. "EH! What kind of driving are you ... Perce...Percy!" Grover cries, looking to the front. "Oh my" Percy says, looking over the seat. You can't see anything, but Percy says, "Violet, stay calm. It's the Furies. All three of them."
  7. In front the three Furies disguised as elderly ladies. They look so innocent and sweet. Up until one opens her mouth and says, "If you value your lives, leave the bus!" Everyone except you, Percy, and Grover rush for the exits. The three horrors face you."Give us the Lightning bolt, lightning thief!" the all exclaim. "Woah! I did not take it alright?" Percy shouts. The Furies scream and now you are trapped in the bus. You activate your sword but the poison stops you from moving. "You just sit still Violet, me and Grover can handle this," says Percy as he opens Riptide. Both a percy and a grover started slashing away at the Furies, who left their old lady bodies and entered their true, scaly, winged forms. After a while, the battle got too out of hand. Percy and Grover destroyed 2 but they couldn't get to the last one. Just as the last one is making its way to Percy, you open your bag and take out a knife. You throw it  at the Fury, which just misses Percy and Grover. 
  8.  "Rule Number One while fighting; Never let your opponent distract you, dead or alive..." you say, throwing Percy's words back at him. He smiles grimly. "You better watch it with that knife, Violet, it could have made me a satyr kabob. I don't do red meat," Grover warns. Percy laughs an says, "Thanks, Vi. I guess we're walking to....somewhere now...but after I heal you." "Then I guess we're lucky  'somewhere' is right there," says Grover as he points out the window at a place called... Nutya Sm'e Ndreag Ormepiu. "What the heck does that sign say?!" you ask. "Aunty Em's Garden Emporium," says Grover, being the only one who doesn't have ADHD and dyslexia.
  9. "Do you wanna go in? The place looks abandoned anyway, so we could just go in and sit down or something," suggests Grover. "I need to get of this bus," you agree. Percy sighs. "Alright," he says. He takes a quick glance at your leg. "Holy Posiedon!" he exclaims and you jump, but immediately regret it. The pain has spread up your leg. "What happened?" you ask. "Well, Violet, Euryale bit you. She poisoned you. And now, it's swollen looks poisoned," says Percy, looking like he's trying to refrain from vomiting. "What?" You say and sneak a look. Sure enough, your leg is puffed up and bleeding. Your skin is red and you can see veins clear as day. It's dripping blood and pus and you feel like you're about to faint. Your head falls back on the seat. Percy eyes you nervously before picking you up, carrying out off the bus, and into the abandoned looking building. 
  10. Percy told Grover to knock on the door, when you reached it. You didn't really expect anyone to open it, so you jumped and held in a shreik when an elderly lady, who must have been beautiful when she was younger, opened the door. She wore a turban on her head and sunglasses on her face, even though it was getting dark out. "Hello children. What are you doing out at this time?" she asked in a sweet voice. She looked at you in Percy's arms, glanced down at your leg and cried out. "Dear child, what happened to you!?" " attacked me. I think its infected...." You said, trying your best to look as innocent and in pain as possible. The lady sighed and put he hands over her heart. "You poor girl....Please, come in! I was just making dinner," she said, standing aside and holding the door open for you and Percy.
  11. She lead you into a large room with a lot of marble statues. They were mostly people, all seeming to have expressions of terror on their faces. She took you to the back of the warehouse. There, there was a small dining area- just enough room for four people. "Please sit down," said Aunty Em. "Thank you," you said as Percy set you down in a chair then took the seat next to you. "We don't have any money," Grover lied. "Oh, no, no charge. This is a special situation." "Thank you, ma'am," you said again. "Quite alright, Violet," she said, "Has anyone told you that you are an exquisite young lady?" You blushe, ignoring the fact that you had never introduced yourself.
  12. She left the room briefly and dame back a moment later with a tray full of cheeseburgers, vanilla milkshakes, and fries. You and the boys attacked the food. Suddenly, half-way through his burger, Grover asked, "What's that hissing noise?" "Oh, that's just the fryer, Grover," said Aunty Em. " sell gnomes huh?" asked Percy. "Yes. I used to have two sisters who helped me with the business, but they have recently passed on," said Aunty Em sadly.
  13. You immediately sat up, no matter the pain. "Two sisters?" you said, alarmed. "It's a horrible story. You see, Violet, a bad woman was jealous of me, long ago, when I was young. I had a boyfriend, you know, and this bad woman was set on breaking us apart. She caused a horrible accident. My sisters stay by me. They shared my fate, but now they have passed, and theres just me." "Percy?" you started shaking Percy, "Maybe we should leave..." "Such a pretty face...Such a long time since I've seen a face as pretty as yours, Violet," said Aunty Em. She tried to stroke your cheek, but you stood, despite the pain. "We really should go." "Will you at least sit for a pose? A photograph to model new statues," pleaded Aunty Em. "Sure," said Percy.
  14. You nodded briefly, just to get Percy to shut up. Aunty Em directed you to an empty spot where there weren't many statues. "Okay now, get ready!" she cried. "Where's your camera?" you asked defiantly. "Oh, Violet, I think you and I both know that I don't need a camera," Aunty Em said as she reached up to take off her turban and glasses. "LOOK AWAY FROM HER!" You bellowed. You heard Percy run in one direction and Grover in another, but you stayed there, rooted to the spot. "Run, Violet!" shouted Grover, "MAIA!"
  15. "Such a pity to destroy such a beautiful face," you heard Aunty Em say. You heard a faint hissing. She stroked your cheek, and you reached for your braclet. "Tell me, are you a Daughter of Aphrodite? Please tell me it's not Athena?" she said, "Even so, you are very bright. No, you couldnt be Aphrodite...too bright..." she said. Now, you were mad. "Oh, it's APHRODITE!" you shrieked and activated Agápe. You, taking a wild guess as to where she would be, swiped your sword through where you thought she would be.
  16. You missed. You thought then about what Camellia had said. Suddenly you were brought back to the memory. *"If you meet Medusa, Vi, don't let her speak. Just cut her head off," she said as she hugged you tightly. You nodded but couldn't resist in asking why. With tears on the brim of her eyes, about to fall, she said, "She killed my father and brother." You gasped involuntarily. "Do you promise?!"* You gritted your teeth, and tightened your grip on Agápe. *I promise, Cam. I promise.* "Are you going to kill me, Violet?" "I promised," you cried, then you slashed your sword through the air, and hit Medusa.
  17. Hey guys! I had a burst of inspiration so I wrote this. Shout out real quick to @Aria, who's studying right now for a midterm she has tomorrow. GOOD LUCK, ARIA!!! @natuhleegayle for helping inspire me and always being there for me. @xxblutixx for shouting out to me. Lol!!
  18. As always, feel free to comment, rate and email me at calypso1315@gmail(.)com with any comments, questions, and suggestions!! I love hearing from you guys!!! Again, I hope you enjoyed it! Bye!!

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