Percy Jackson Life Quiz (girls only)

Hi I'm Cí˜Lí˜UR and it's a Percy Jackson life quiz yay, if you don't know what that means if you where in the Percy Jackson world what would you life be

Are you going to get a good result or a bad one? Who is your godly parent? What would you look like? What would be your name, find the answers to all these questions and more.

Created by: Colour

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  1. Ok hi I'm Cí˜Lí˜UR this is my first quiz hope you like it
  2. Ok first question... What your fave Percy Jackson character? Minds Nico
  3. Percy is going to ask the next question (Percy) what's your favourite place?
  4. Now Annabeth is going ask a question go ahead (Annabeth) ok what would you rather read
  5. Ok now grover (Grover) who do you like the best
  6. Now Jason (Jason) who is hotter (Me) what type of question is that
  7. Ok let's do Piper now (Piper) ok let's see... Which one reminds you of you
  8. Frank have you got a question (Frank) yeah, if you could be an animal what would it be
  9. Hazel? (Hazel) yes, oh right the question thing, I f you could be one witch one would you be?
  10. Ok I know everybody hates this question for some reason but it's a crucial part in my quiz
  11. are you going to comment or like or both If you say no it won't affect your result And I don't mind if you dont
  12. Bye for now SEE YOU IN ANí˜THER GALAXY

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