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  • k this is cray cray. I'm @ a sleepover with a bunch of grls. we all nerly naked (only panties/ g strings) and soaked except me and Mia. On the last question my bladder gives way uncontrollably and I spurt across the room. Mia wins but she goes white and rushes to the door. its locked so Ellas siblings don't walk in on us. she sinks to the floor and soon has pee al over her. she made the biggest puddle and on top of that she pooped a cartoony long smelly strand of poop. she looks like a baby when u take off its diaper. now Katy is peeing more. and has joined m,ia in the diarria club

  • I was in the car, and we were in the open trunk, facing the street. We decided to try this, and my friend peed super fast. The second one(Lila) held it until the second time we drank water. I held until the 3rd to last question and I peed so much that I had to wear a diaper for the rest of the day! My friend (Quinn) won, and didnt even have to pee! Awesome quiz!!

    • I as at a a basketball game when I need to pee so bad I went to see if there was a bathroom but someone was in the bathroom. I started to cross and shake my legs then I stared to pee my pants .


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