particle theory and more

particle theory, fluids everywhere, these are the topics of the quiz. I really don't like people who go blarg cya after the quiz!!! yay yay yay yippee

well this is a quiz that will take your mind to places it HAS been before! go back (or foreward) to grade 8 science test, will you pass? or will you fail miserably muahaha!

Created by: chenoa

  1. What is flow rate?
  2. What is viscosity?
  3. What is cohesion?
  4. What is adhesion?
  5. all matter is made up of tiny _____.
  6. which state has space between it's particles?
  7. in which state do particles move?
  8. are particles attracted to each other?
  9. if you add heat or energy to something, what happens?
  10. did you like this quiz?

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