Parks and Recreation Superfan Quiz!

Test your knowledge of Michael Schur's hit comedy series, Parks and Recreation. The characters that were so near and dear to us are gone, but we don't have to for get about them.

These questions are mainly character-based, and there are only one or two about other aspexts of thw show. The cahacters are what make the show, after all.

Created by: Jack Syken
  1. What is Tom's middle name?
  2. Where was Leslie Knope born?
  3. What is the name that Ron gives to Joan's show when he takes it over in one episode?
  4. Who designed the Pawnee Commons?
  5. Why has Leslie antagonized Ron at the start of season seven?
  6. What is Eagleton, Indiana?
  7. Who is the first main cast member to leave the show?
  8. Who's seat did Leslie fill on the city council?
  9. Who did Bo Burnham portray in the episode "One in 8,000?"
  10. What famous brand is based in Pawnee?

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