P.S. I Love You {Pt 2}

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Auditions for P.S. I Love You {Pt 4} will take place today. I will tell you how to do it at the end of this story. I hope you enjoy this story. The next part will come out next Thursday, July 12.

P.S. I Love You {Pt 2} ended when Aaliayah was in class doing her math test, but she cheated. Quick shoutout to twirling lover, my newest friend on GoToQuiz.com.

Created by: IcyDesignns
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  1. (Hello there reader! Before you read the story I recommend you read the first two paragraphs above. If not, it's possible you may suffer from the following: Dreams about purple dinosaurs making you toast, falling up the staircase, tripping over a flat surface, and/or farting a tremendous amount of sparkles after eating.)
  2. I slide on my converse and head out the door. Arriving at the park, there's a lot of guys there. Which one was it? I had no clue by that point, I don't even know what he looks like! I started going around, asking the guys if they were him. So far there was no luck. Had he forgotten to come? I sigh. About to give up all hope, I see a guy standing by a tree, all alone. He has chestnut colored hair and chocolate brown eyes. 'Why not?' I think and tap him on his back. "Excuse me? I was wondering, are you by any chance, Zane?" I asked, his back still facing me. My fingers are crossed, tight. The guy turns around and said, "Yes, yes I am. And you must be Lucky Charms, because you seem magically delicious!" I start to laugh, "Hahh, close! I'm Aaliayah, or Allie for short." I say. "Aaliayah? I've never heard of that name before, sure is something. It's beautiful, just like you." "Thanks," I did that thing I always do when I'm nervous, look down at my feet, move my hair out of my face, and just smile. "So, about that ice cream. You still in for it?" He asks. I reply, "Sure."
  3. We walk to Icebox, the ice cream shop a couple blocks away from Pebbles Park. Standing at the register, Zane said our order. "Two large mint chocolate chip," Zane says. "Ok, that'll be $4.18," Says the guy behind the counter. We grab our ice cream cones and sit down at a table. "Mmm, this is so good. I never tried mint chocolate chip before," I say, eating it. "Really? It's famous where I come from," Says Zane. "Oh yeah? And where's that?" "North Carolina," "So how'd you come up to live here?" "My dad is in the army, H-he was stationed here and I had to go with him." "And your mom?" "She, died in a car crash four years ago." "Oh, I'm so sorry," "No, It's ok, really," I can see a gentle tear roll down his cheeck and I wipe it away, "Don't cry," "I-I'm not. So what about your family?" "Well, my dad left us when I was born. I guess he couldn't handle two kids and a minimum wage job. To top that, my mom never worked. She was in depression after my grandmother had a heart attack and died," "Wow, that's so sad," "Yeah, well she has a job now, it pays real good money. I had to get a job, too," "I'm listening...." "And my older sister? Nothing but partying everyday, she never has to work," "Sorry to interrupt, but, isn't your sister Hailey Edwards?" "Yes, why?"
  4. Misty, Brittany and Hailey, the little popular 'crew' in school, comes over to our table. "Well isn't it miss coffee girl. Where's my latte, huh?" Says Brittany, pouring a shake on my head. "Oh my god!" I yelled. I just sit there, my mouth wide open in disbelief and nervousness. Zane's going to leave me for sure now, I can tell in his eyes. "Hey! Brittany, this was not apart of the plan," Said Hailey. "Whatcha gonna do about it, huh Hailey? You know, we don't need you," Says Brittany. Hailey sighs, "Your right. I can't do anything, let's just go girls," They start walking away, laughing. I can't believe my own sister let her do that! "A-Are you ok?" Asks Zane. "Yeah, I just...let me go clean myself up. Please don't go!" "Wait!" He takes of his shirt and tosses it at me, "Use it," He says. I smile, "Thanks."
  5. I go into the bathroom, clean myself up, and change into his shirt. I open up the bathroom door and return to the table, "I'm sorry about that, I should have stopped her," Says Zane. "Oh no, It wasn't your fault," I say. He reaches over and grabs my hands, "Aaliayah, let's just call this a night, ok?" "Um, yeah, sure..." I get up and walk out the door. I get home and walk straight up to my room. I lay on my bed, and I could have sworn I was going to cry all the water from my body out.
  6. Daisy comes through the door, "You ok?" She asks, sitting next to me on my bed, rubbing my back. I sniff, "What do you think?" I ask. "I think not," "I-I thought you were with Hailey?" "I was until Misty and Brittany called her and asked her to hang out at the Icebox," "Ughh!" "I'm sorry this happend," I hear the front door open and I sit up, "Is my mom home?" "Yes, that was probably your sister," "Oh my god, why does my life suck!" Hailey creeps in and sits on my bed, "Allie, I'm so sorry," Says Hailey. "I'll be right back," Says Daisy, walking out of the room. "Hailey, just get out!" I screamed, stuffing my head in my pillow, sobbing. Hailey sighs, "Fine," She says, leaving the room. Daisy comes back in with a glass of pink lemonade, my favorite. "Here you go, love," She says, handing me the cup.
  7. I take a sip of my lemonade, "Do you think he hates me?" I ask. "Why do you always assume people hate you?" "I don't know," "Well I'm sure he doesn't, now the sun is going down, let's get to sleep," "Wait, did you even ask to spend the night?" "I don't need to ask, what do you think I am? Two?" A little a little, "Whatever," She climbs into bed with me to sleep. Why not? We're practically sisters. I wake up the next morning and notice an envelope on my nightstand. I grab it and start shaking Daisy, "Daisy, Daisy wake up!" I whisper. "I'm up, I'm up," "Look, another letter," "Open it!" I stare at it and don't even think about it, I just rip it open! I read it out loud, "Dear Aaliayah, Can I call you that? I think Juliet is way out of date. Anyways, last night was one of the greatest nights of my life, and I'd love to do it again sometime. Oh don't make me forget, I made a poem for you. Here it goes: Roses are red, violets are blue, this poem makes not sense, dinosaur! I never said I was good at writing poems. Sincerely, Zane. P.S. You look hot in my shirt."
  8. "Awhh!" Yells Daisy. I smile and hug the note, "Give me a pen and paper," I say, and she gets it. I start writing it and saying it out loud, "Dear Zane, I'm glad you thought last night was fun because I didn't. I bet you thought that shake incident was funny, too? Nice poem by the way, really great. So how about friday night? I'll meet you at the park. Sincerely, Aaliayah." Daisy goes and puts it in the mailbox and returns, "Can we go back to sleep now?" She asks. Mom comes in and shouts, "No you can't, because It's Allie's birthday!!!" "My birthday isn't until August..." "Who said we can't celebrate today!" She storms off with the cake. "That was weird," Said Daisy. "You bet it was!" I reply.
  9. It's 6:00 A.M. and I wake up to my alarm clock singing, "...girl look at that body, girl look at that body..." I groan and hit the snooze button. I slowly push myself out of bed and into the closet. I'm searching through my clothes, "...everybody stops and they staring at me..." the alarm clock goes off again, I growl and unplug it. I return to my closet and change into black short shorts and a lime green shirt with a :D face on it. "...I'm sexy and I know it..." It goes off again. "OH MY GOD!!" I yell. I grab the clock and throw it out my window, "I KNOW I'M SEXY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO REMIND ME!!" I scream and run downstairs. I sit at the table and eat my pancakes, I stare at Hailey. She's wearing a jeans mini skirt and a spaghetti strapped pink shirt. "Come on kids," Says mom. I grab my backpack and head out the door and into the car. We arrive at school, a rainy Monday morning.
  10. "Good luck, Allie," Says mom. "Good luck?" I ask. "On your algebra test. You did study...right?" "Uhh, of course, why wouldn't I?" "Hailey, please say you studied?" Mom asked. Hailey put her hand on my mom's shoulder, "Mom, do you even know me anymore?" "Apparently not," Mom sighs. I roll my eyes and get out of the car. My math class is second period, which sadly I share with Hailey. My body was shaking and I was turning red, "You didn't study, did you?" Asked Hailey, sitting in front of me. "No," I say. She gives me a folded up paper. "I hacked the school system and got the answers last night," She says. I smile, "Thanks," "But get a few wrong, we all know your not that smart," "Jeez, thanks," I smirk.
  11. (Heeeey! Icy in the house! Haha, just kidding. So I really hope you liked this part. Part three will come out next Thursday, that's going to be the releasing date for each part. Every Thursday. I'm not taking auditions now, but for part four I'm going to need another character so I will ask for auditions on part three. So this is just a reminder of what's coming up. And ummmm, have a great summer you little wierdo!)

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