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  • Your Result: You are an Anime Fan 86%

    You are an Anime Fan... possibly in between Otaku or Weeaboo. Consider this your danger zone, if you are a beginner, you might just either end up being an annoying Weeaboo or simply an Otaku!

    What's wrong with that? I love being an Otaku! It means I'm different and have a name for what I am!

  • Your Result: You are a Weeaboo 0%

    You are a Weeaboo. You love EVERYTHING about Japan, and more likely to act like one too. Surely enough, it's not such a good thing since it annoys most people, so my advice to give you is to at least tone it down a little. :) It's not bad to like Japan, I love Japan too!

    You are an Otaku 0%
    You are an Anime Fan

  • I got weeaboo....^.^ that's alright I guess lol I liked this quiz a bunch :D


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