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Something super, duper exciting and amazing happened today! I will tell you all about it! It is, very rare and abnormal for someone like me. And i am just happy it happened.

Today my cats, chex and gogo ate Friskies glazed and infused crab for dinner. It smelled completely gross. All it is is just some ground up crab and other ingredients smoothed into some smelly pate for me to scoop out and get all over myself while trying to deal with hungry, angry cats who scratch my legs and climb onto the counter, where i prepare their gross crab pate. Moral of the story: feeding cats is hard work. Avoid it at all costs.

Created by: Ash Midnight

  1. 😍😍😍
  2. I had a great day today!
  3. So, i went to my violin class and i said "hi" to my other crush.
  4. After violin class, we both walked to our first class of the day together.
  5. Then, later at lunch break, we said "hi" again and talked about the weekend.
  6. Later, after lunch break, when I was passing by him, he said "hi" and i said "hi" back.
  7. After school was over, I waited for him to come out of his final period, and we said "bye" and talked about Takis before he had to leave for the bus.
  8. He is so sweet. Also he stares at me a lot in my violin class, so i'm thinking that maybe i should tell him.....
  9. That i like him on the second to last day of school.
  10. I'm so nervous! I'm still thinking about IF i should tell him!
  11. It could either be a great decision or it could DESTROY my life.
  12. I am totally FREAKING OUT!
  13. I need to know what to do!
  14. Anyway, I am running out of quiz ideas, so if you have any suggestions, than leave them in the comments.
  15. Bye! 😍😍 *still freaking out*

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