Oliver Twist Book Quiz

If one has read the wonderful book, "Oliver Twist," and has so lost themselves in Dickens beautiful way of writing, perhaps one wonders- how well do I really know this book?

This quiz, I daresay is much harder than any other- because it's not only a quiz on characters and events, yet has questions about sentences, details, quotes, and many more hard things. If you want a challenge, this is certainly the quiz for you!

Created by: Dickensreader
  1. Which is the name of the town where Oliver was born?
  2. How does Mr. Bumble go about naming the parish children?
  3. Fagin is of what ethnicity?
  4. What does Fagin commonly say?
  5. Nancy is killed, how?
  6. Fagin is often compared to what animal?
  7. Hard question! In the book, when Sikes is going crazy of guilt, it eventually says in a sentence, that Sikes sees a gravestone, with an epitaph written with blood. What says the epitaph?
  8. What item of clothing is Mr. Bumble most proud of?
  9. Mr. Grimwich often says, "I'll eat my-"
  10. Nancy, when taking back Oliver, pretends to be of what relationship to him?
  11. Now these questions are going to dive more into the literature and phrases of the book, I hope you've paid attention to it! What does Oliver's mother say before she died?
  12. Oliver Twist is the...
  13. Who said this? I am sure—certain—quite certain—that, for your sake, who are so good yourself; and for her own; and for the sake of all she makes so happy; she will not die. Heaven will never let her die so young.
  14. Whom is known for breaking into fits of laughter?

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