oi you like Winx Club ? Prove it

there are many smart people but a few geniuses. Genius is afterall quite exeptoinal. A good genius is a Winx Club genius ! keep going if you scored high.

Are you a true Winx Club genius ?if you are not , be one ! if you don't know a lot about Winx Club go on youtube !!! you should know what to do ,so do it !

Created by: manisha

  1. Which Winx girl is the fairy of nature ?
  2. Which specialist is Stella's boyfriend
  3. Who hold the Dragon-Flame ?
  4. What was the ogre in Season 1's name
  5. You does Bloom not like in Gardina ?
  6. Who is the leader of the evil sisters?
  7. who was pretending to be Prince Sky in the first season ?
  8. what is the winx transformation after charmix called ?
  9. who tried to take Stella's place as Princess of Soliria ?
  10. Who destroyed Bloom's home planet ?

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