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Why Don’t We is one of the most popular boybands - or shall I say, manband - of the 21st century. They have millions of fans all over the world, are you one of them?

“If I could change my name to anything, it would be... blehuhl blehuhl, blehuhl blehuhl. And it would be spelled C-H-E-V. Blehuhl, blehuhl, blehuhl blehuhl.”

Created by: Beautiful123 of My Instagram
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  1. Let’s start off easy — when did the band start?
  2. What was the first song they released as a band?
  3. When was “Trust Fund Baby” released?
  4. Which member of the band has a child?
  5. Who had the first line on “What Am I”?
  6. What was Jonah’s first email address?
  7. Finish the iconic phrase: “I got my..”
  8. Which one of the members was the only one who did not graduate high school?
  9. Which one of these songs are not apart of the “Invitation” EP?
  10. What song was 7/12?
  11. What show during the Invitation Tour did Zach fall off the stage and dislocate his knee?
  12. Who is Corbyn currently dating (as of April 2020)?
  13. Who is Kliph Dinkleberg?
  14. What is the meet and greet order?
  15. he said mackler who?
  16. When was the first time Daniel dyed his hair blonde?
  17. Here’s an easy one — who is the oldest in the band?
  18. When was Lavender May born?
  19. True or false — Jack’s curls were natural.
  20. What was the first word on “M.I.A.”?
  21. How many shows did the 8 Letters Tour include?
  22. What is Jonah’s last name?
  23. What was the last /12 and when was it released?
  24. What animal is Daniel usually compared to?
  25. Finish the iconic phrase: If you ever anyone to lick things for you...
  26. Who is Jack’s celebrity crush?
  27. True or false — all members of the band have a little sister.
  28. What is Zach’s middle name?
  29. When did they post their last mashup?

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