What Song by Hawk Nelson are You?

Hawk Nelson is a punk band from Peterborough in Ontario, Canada. They started out with Christian music, but it is so subtle now everyone can enjoy their music. The band members are Jason Dunn, Johnathan Steingard, Daniel Biro and Aaron Tosti. Old members are Dave Clark and Matt Paige. Hawk Nelson has been playing since 2003, and the most popular albums are Letters to the President and Smile, It's the End of the World.

What Hawk Nelson song are you? This quiz analyzes your personality to find out. Whether you are the type who daydreams in class or the kind of person who cries for days over a breakup, there is a song for you.

Created by: Madison Armdt
  1. Which best describes your usual mood?
  2. What has happend to you (pick one)?
  3. What would you most likely call yourself?
  4. What would someone else most likely call you?
  5. Where do you most easily imagine yourself?
  6. What can you most easily imagine yourself doing?
  7. What can you most easily imagine yourself thinking?
  8. What can you most easily imagine yourself thinking?
  9. Which best describes your friend/relationship status?
  10. Why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Song by Hawk Nelson am I?