Occult trivia bonanza!

The occult is swarming all around us and infiltrating our countries, governments, schools, churches et al. Do you know what they are doing? Do you know how sick they are? Do you know how bad it is? Are you involved in it unknowingly?

I made this quiz to open people to the terrible thruths behind cults such as Catholisism, Mormonism, Scientology and Freemasonry. How much do you know about these liars?

Created by: Corey
  1. According to Mormonism, who is Jesus' brother?
  2. What did Pope Stephen VI do to the corpse of Pope Formosus?
  3. What do scientologists teach we came from?
  4. What does Mormonism teach happened to the demons that sided with Satan?
  5. According to ex-Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera, there is a secret Pope who is truely in control. What do they call him?
  6. The Black Pope wears a certain ring, what kind of ring is it?
  7. When you enter the Mormon Temple, what name does the man inside the door greet you under?
  8. The Catholic Church has removed one of the commandments, which one was it?
  9. Constantine didnt start Catholisism for how many years after Christ?
  10. Who of these historical figures was a known Catholic and had many recorded visits to the Vatican?
  11. Joseph Smith had three witnesses that saw him recieve the golden tablets that he translated into the Book of Mormon. What happened to them?
  12. Which of these Catholic things are in the bible?

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