Obsessions: Chapter 1

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Okay, so this is a romance horror story. Chapter one is pretty hard to make, but then, every quiz is hard and time consuming to make. It's satisfying to publish, though.

Okay. WARNING: there will be triggers, and I hope you understand that. There will be mentions of violence, and the main character is violent, so please take this into consideration. Thank you.

Created by: Ash Midnight
  1. WARNING: Read at your own risk. There are mentions of violence in this story. RING! RING! RING! The school bell ringing jerks you awake, and out of your thoughts. Adrenaline rushes through your muscles, as you zoom towards third period. Only one thought rushes through our brain: “Chris.”
  2. “There he is!” A boy with wavy, longish, (for a boy) black hair, and cocoa brown eyes walks into the room. You quickly run into the gym locker room, and wait for your best friend, Dianne. “What took you so long?” you ask Dianne. “Strict teacher, you know,” Dianne says with a look of frustration. You let her vent about the teacher, and then walk out of the girl’s locker room in your gym clothes. Also, if you are a guy, then you are in the girl’s locker room because there was not enough space in the boy’s locker room. Same with non binary or other genders that are not female.
  3. As you walk out of the girl’s locker room, you see a disturbing sight. You see Chris, but he’s kissing someone else… “It’s okay, Y/N they will break up eventually” says Dianne, trying to be comforting, but you tuned her out. Thoughts of rage come flowing through your head. “How dare somebody else kiss him! Those lips were reserved for me!” You stomp off to your spot on the gym floor, ready to do warm ups.
  4. After third period comes lunch. Dianne walk with you to the cafeteria. She’s talking about how awful the mile was in gym. Honestly, you don’t care. All you can focus on is Chris. As you walk to a lunch table, you hear a high pitched voice. “Hey, Y/N! I kissed your boyfriend…I wait I forgot, he’s mine!” “Shut up, Zoey,” you say to the high pitched voice. “Someone’s jealous!” And with a flip of her hair, Zoey walked away. “She really does hate you, does’nt she?” asked Dianne tentatively. *sighs* “Yes she does….” you say with a sad look on your face. “Oh, you’ll be fine, I promise” said Dianne reassuringly. You don’t believe her. You won’t be fine unless you take this into your own hands.
  5. As Dianne starts to eat her lunch, you still sit in your seat motionless, thinking about Chris, and ways to get revenge on Zoey. (she kissed your crush) Finally, you came up with something. This could be risky, but if successful, worth it.
  6. You walk into the restroom (to think through your plan), only to see in the girl's bathroom/hear through the walls of the boy’s restroom the cheerleaders gossiping about two people: Chris, and Zoey. If you are in the boy’s restroom, you lean against the wall to hear the cheerleaders better. If you are in the girl’s restroom, then you quickly rush into a stall to hide. “OMG! Like, Zoey and Chris are TOTALLY dating!” said one cheerleader. “Its really too bad, I want to date him.” said another cheerleader. “Wait a minute! You said I could have him!” yelled the first cheerleader. “No, I did not!” argued the second cheerleader. Okay, of you want Chris to yourself, then you have to act quickly.
  7. You strike. After one cheerleader leaves the bathroom, you pounce, and grab the other one by her neck, and squeeze hard. She falls to the ground, and closes her eyes for the last time. “What have I done?” you gasp, wondering how you could be so brutal. “I have to hide all the evidence. Good thing I have gloves on. No fingerprints” you say to yourself. You quickly stuff the cheerleader into the trash can. You took the trash can outside, and emptied it into a dumpster. You take off your gloves, and throw them out too. You try to forget that this ever happened, but it is getting harder, and harder. You keep feeling guilty.
  8. The rest of the day goes by in a blur. You can't seem to focus on anything. You feel proud of yourself, but really guilty. To take an innocent life is something unforgivable.
  9. "I know what you did!" said Zoey, smugly. You freeze in your spot, but then turn around to face Zoey. "W-What d-d-did I uh d-do?" you ask her. "Oh, you just wait, I'll give you what you deserve!" said Zoey in a calm voice. You run back home, quietly waiting to get arrested. You turn on the news, only to find a story about a missing girl, and the possibility that she had been m*rdered. Then, suddenly you hear a knock on your door. You think it could be the police!
  10. Cliffhanger!

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