O.R. Drafting Assesment

Do you think you understand the concept of the O.R.? Please take this test and proceed to learn our objectives and to become a member of the O.R. Thank you for you support.

Those who are smart will pass. Those who are true idiots will pass. Please do your best and don't be pressured to do this assessment. Also, if you fail five times, when you take a retake, please don't take the test again.

Created by: Shikotsume
  1. There are idiots in the world. There are Geniuses in this world. "Those who speak do not learn. Those who learn, do not speak." What does this mean?
  2. This is an opinion, but it will determine your score. Do you think that death as a punishment is wrong, what if the punished was a murderer?
  3. If you were given orders to kill your best friend, would you?
  4. If a person you know was going to be killed, not by the O.R., would you stop them.
  5. Which are the following is the law:
  6. What would you do if Master rai, or Commandant Shikotsume, asked you a simple question?
  7. If you killed someone, and you turn yourself in, what do you think will happen?
  8. What is more important in life?
  9. If you were on the verge of death while trying to save someone....
  10. Lastly, how do you think you will change the world?

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