November 2017 Confirmation

You seem to have good awareness of your personal safety.Be sure you include in your thinking how your personal safety intersects with those around you, and how the community has rights as well as you.

You have done well to have thought through so many of these issues. Continue to work hard on these so you can master all that you need to truly be safe and sensitive and Christian at the same time.

Created by: Deacon John

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I have seen someone bullied in my school at least
  2. I have been bullied at school
  3. Cyberbullying can be a crime. It is criminal when it is
  4. Statistics show students are bullied at school at this rate:
  5. Bullying affects
  6. Who has seen bullying in their school? How often?
  7. The most common form of bullying is:
  8. How many victims report bullying?
  9. If you bully someone about their gender or race, it is called
  10. My cell phone is safe because

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