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  • @hazelfangsbite sorry you got confused! I am not hurt, I am glad you gave me feed back or what I need to work on! I also took forbidden love mirror's lie part 1 and also your other one. I loved them and I hope you go on with them! @angelic4 sorry if you were confused as well. Wow I am not good at this! Sorry about not putting I had a account. But thank you for suggesting it! I am gald you like it!!Thanks for the feedback!! @Both THANK YOU FOR COMMENTS!!

  • What a wonderful start to a series :], damn i wish my series had started off with a bang but ppl still enjoy it, i loved it, but you need to seperate the dreams and the reality, idk if the dreams are like flashbacks at what in the past, if they're ok, oh yes, you should make an account here at gtq or maybe you have one but don't use it

  • that was good :) but i sorta got confused.... plz don't be hurt, i loved it xD one of the best, ohhh and can you read my quiz? if u haven't its called Forbidden love: Mirror's lie. part 1

    i think thats what its called lol... and i also have another one but u can find that out, love ya! xD

  • That was so good!!!


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